• Fighting for Family

    Dudley would do anything for his daughter. Even if that meant spending time with his cousin and angering his parents. Written for The Houses Competition Y6 Round 7.
  • Lights in the Sky

    "Meg would never forget that night. One moment it was still, a perfect spring night. The next, the sky had erupted into a dazzling display of colour." What if a Muggle had seen the Battle of Hogwarts? Written The Houses Competition Y6 Round 7.
  • Imperfectly Perfect

    It is Sirius and Marlene's wedding day. But when things start to go wrong, they have two very different outlooks on the day. Written for The Houses Competition Y6 Round 6.
  • Teach Me

    Molly has always enjoyed preparing for Christmas with her grandchildren. This year, she can no longer remember their traditions, but the children are always willing to teach her. Written for The Houses Competition Y6 Round 6.
  • Always in My Heart

    Narcissa is the perfect daughter of the House of Black. After all, she has seen what happens when one does not live up to the standard expected of them. But when an unexpected figure from her past returns, her world is turned upside down. Written for The Houses Competition Y6 Round 5
  • Red and Blue

    For Molly Weasley, starting Hogwarts was not at all like what she had imagined it to be. But a talk with Uncle Neville helps her to see that things might be ok, after all. Written for The Houses Competition, Y6 Round 5.
  • Our Girls

    Scorpius is caught off guard by some news from his parents, however he finds himself not only accepting the situation, but loving his new little family. Written for The House Competition Y6 Round 4.
  • The Politics of Romance

    Serena Malfoy had never expected to fall in love, knowing that she was destined for a cold, political marriage. And then she met Regulus Black. Written for THC Y6 Round 4
  • Daddy's Princess

    "He had always wanted a little girl, but now that she was here, he wasn't sure if he was ready." Follow Oliver as he develops a special bond with his little girl, coaches her a Quidditch, and learns to let go. Written for The House Competition Season 6, Round 3
  • Old Game, New Stories

    Teddy had planned on spending the day moving into his godfather's old flat. Instead, he finds himself learning more about the adults he loves, and has fun along the way. Written for The Houses Competition Season 6 Round 3.
  • Only Human

    After the events of the Battle of Hogwarts, Percy is left with emotions he doesn't know how to deal with. But a conversation with his sister puts him on the path towards healing. Written for The Houses Competition Y6 Round 1.
  • Percy's Great Escape

    Percy is sick and tired of living in poverty and low social standing. But he has a plan to escape - once he finishes school that is. Written for the THC Y6 Round 1.
  • What Family is For

    When Percy finds himself struggling to parent his teenage daughters, Hermione offers some advice. Afterall, isn't that what family is for? Written for the QLFC Season 7 Quarterfinals
  • Remotionem Magicae

    Voldemort has invented a new spell, which threatens Harry's ability to defeat the Dark Lord once and for all. But with a little push from his Potions Professor, Harry answers his calling and uses unusual methods to win once and for all. Written for the QLFC Season 7 Round 11
  • Can You Imagine (Nothing Else Matters)

    After the Battle of Hogwarts, Dennis is faced with a world without his brother. Deciding that desperate times call for desperate measures, Dennis goes to great lengths to ensure that such a world never exists. Will he be successful, or will the plan go awry? Written for the QLFC Season 7 Round 10.
  • Forever is Our today

    As frontman of the Marauders, Sirius Black has it all - the fame, the fortune, and the beautiful girl. But when his bandmates start moving on with their lives, he is forced to decide what really matters to him. Written for QLFC Season 7 Round 9.
  • A Family of His Own

    With the birth of his first great-niece, Charlie is asked to explain his large family to one of his coworkers, stirring up old hopes and dreams. At 52 years of age, is it too late for Charlie to have a family of his own? Written for the QLFC Season 7 Round 8.
  • Chasing Chimaeras

    "Gilderoy could barely contain his excitement. Today was the day, a day that would go down in history as he finally proved his naysayers wrong. Today was the day he would tame the infamous Chimaera, and be lauded as the bravest, most powerful wizard in the world." Gilderoy Lockhart had dreamed of fame and glory his whole life. Would it go to plan? Written for QLFC season 7 round 7
  • King For A Night

    Ben Gibbons has finally secured a place on the Auror Force. But on his first day he notices an unusual Department name, and the story behind it may affect his future on the Force. Written for the QLFC Season 7 Round 6.
  • The Hogwarts Disaster Log

    Something is not right. In fact, I think something has gone terribly wrong. So far I am the only person unaffected by 'The Disaster'. If I succumb, no one will know the truth about the tragedy that has struck Hogwarts, hence this will be the Disaster Log. I hope that if I fail, someone else will be able to carry on the task of investigating this evil. QLFC Season 7 Round 5