• To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

    Eight-year-old Harry wakes up from strange visions in hospital. 'I won't go back to the Dursleys,' he decided. 'I'll search out Professor Snape. He kept me safe during all my years at Hogwarts. He'll be able to help me.' Completely AU, partly OOC. HP/HG
  • Everything is Relative

    After Voldemort's resurrection, Sirius decides to remove the blood wards from the Dursleys', only to realise that they were not only blood wards. Only years later would they understand who and why someone tampered with the wards as well as with people's magic. Completely AU, partly OOC, Dumbledore bashing. Rating just to be sure. Pairings not decided yet. Requests are welcome.
  • The Mutt who Lived

    What if the Potters had a dog? Completely AU, partly OOC, Dumbledore bashing, pairings not decided yet. Rating T just to be sure.
  • Santa Paws

    Santa Clause takes pity on Harry Potter and rescues him from his abusive relatives, giving him one of his puppies as his familiar. What if the power the Dark Lord knows not was his puppy familiar, who could access spiritual magic of the North Pole? Completely AU, partly OOC. Pairing (probably) Harry-Luna. Completely AU! Partly OOC, perhaps Dumbledore/Weasley bashing (not sure yet).
  • The Muggle Solution

    "Dear Professor Dumbledore, thanks for sending me my Hogwarts letter. My cousin and I will attend Hogwarts together. He does not have magic, but he is very good at brewing potions, and as I am the owner of Hogwarts, no one can forbid him to come with me. We are very much looking forward to finally coming to Hogwarts. Yours sincerely, Harry and Dudley". Completely AU, partly OOC.
  • What if a chocolate frog could change everything

    ... even a whole timeline? "Harry Potter," Minerva read aloud, "receiver of the Order of Merlin first class once for vanquishing the Dark Lord and for inventing the wolvescure after a long-lost recipe of Salazar Slytherin. Harry? But he is only three years old." Completely AU, partly OOC, possible time paradox, de-aging, Dumbledore bashing, mentioning of abuse by the Dursleys.
  • What if someone was willing to stand up against Albus Dumbledore

    ... and the children of the Great Alliance brought Dumbledore to court on behalf of nine-year-old Harry Potter because of tolerating child abuse? Completely AU, partly OOC.
  • Elves' Child

    What if house-elves took Harry away from the Dursleys' doorstep to raise him in the magical world? Completely AU, partly OOC, partly childfic. sick!Harry. Main characters: Harry, Severus, Poppy and my usual OC elves that you can find on my author's page.
  • The Green Eyed Twin

    As the Master of Death, Harry can not die. After being killed by Voldemort, Death sends him back into life on top of offering him a deal: "I shall get rid of the Horcruxes if you marry one of the Death Eater witches." Completely AU, partly OOC, takes place in the time of the Marauders.
  • What if Lily was not muggleborn

    ... and Harry did not have a scar when he came to Hogwarts? Completely AU, partly OOC, Dumbledore/Weasley bashing,
  • A Baby at Hogwarts

    Hermione and Severus, both teachers at Hogwarts after the war, are being forced to get some fresh air during the summer holidays and find a baby on the doorstep of Hogwarts. What to do with the orphan? Completely AU, partly OOC, partly very fluffy. HG/SS
  • Stuck with the Bat of the Dungeons

    ONE-SHOT. Professor Snape is busy and needs an assistant during the summer holidays. Harry is the only one avaiable. Set after 5th year. AU, a bit OOC, Just a drabble :P
  • Whispers on the Wizardnet

    What if the Wizardnet had already been developed on that fateful Halloween night? Completely AU, partly OOC
  • The Aesculapian Serpent

    ONE-SHOT. What if Mrs. Figg told an eight-year-old Harry about the magical world? Completely AU, partly OOC, set before Hogwarts, mentioning of abuse!Dursleys
  • Summer at Potter Manor

    ONE-SHOT. After his second Hogwarts year, Harry does not return to the Dursleys but takes residence at a place, where Dumbledore cannot reach him. Completely AU, partly OOC
  • Hiding in the Open

    ONE-SHOT. After buying his school supplies together with Hagrid, Harry decides to not return to the Dursleys and instead hide for the months until the beginning of his first Hogwarts year, unintentially ending up hiding in Dumbledore's office. Completely AU, partly OOC, set before Hogwarts.
  • Remedial Summer Course

    After buying his school supplies with Hagrid, Harry decides to not return to the Dursleys but spend his time until the beginning of the new school year at Diagon Alley, unware of the far reaching consequences of his little escapade. Completely AU, partly OOC,
  • Puppy in Hiding

    In order to save Dudley's puppy from Vernon Dursley's wrath, Harry flees together with the puppy. Set before and at the beginning of Harry's first Hogwarts year. Completely AU, an Animagus story. Main characters: Harry, the Weasley twins, Severus Snape
  • Prank Potion with Consequences - Or Maybe Not Just a Prank?

    At breakfast before all students except for Harry travel home over Christmas, all teachers suddenly become de-aged. Was it a prank or perhaps the preparation for Voldemort's attack of Hogwarts? Set in 5th year, completely AU, partly OOC, sick!Harry. Rating only due to death of Voldemort and several Death Eaters
  • Minerva's Potions Accident

    Due to a Potions Accident Minerva is de-aged to a 5 y. old mischief maker, keeping Harry, Severus, and Poppy, who are sick with wizard's scarlet fever, on their toes. Can Harry and Sev get along enough to cope with her? Compl. AU, partly OOC, sick!M,S,P,H