• YEAR 3: Rose Weasley and the Centennial Portal

    Strange occurrences within the castle disrupt Rose's third year at Hogwarts. How can she earn top marks if the door to Potions now leads to the kitchens, and the stairs won't stop moving long enough for her to get off? Just when she thought she could have a normal year, Rose is faced with more mysteries at our favorite school of witchcraft and wizardry. Year Three of Rose Weasley.
  • YEAR1: Rose Weasley and the Callamitus Clause

    Rose Weasley has arrived for her first year at Hogwarts, but things are not as they should be. Can she, along with the Potters and the twins, set it all right? A novel-length fanfiction set directly after the epilogue.
  • A Step Too Far

    She's just another rebel taken to Hogwarts Castle during a raid and put to work. There's no reasons Draco should keep thinking about her the way he does. He has a war to win, a wedding to Lady Pansy to plan, and can't keep getting distracted by her Mudblood lady's maid. But there's something about Hermione Granger. AU Dramione, inspired by AIDA.
  • YEAR2:Rose Weasley and the League of Dragon Riders

    Rose Weasley is back at Hogwarts for her second year! She will face duels, dilemmas, but most of all, dragons. But what will happen when the dragons begin lashing out at the Riders?And who will believe Rose's warnings with only her locket leading the way?
  • At the Pub - Marauder's Era

    Marauder's Era one-shot. Where does Lily Evans go when she and James have another quarrel?
  • Too Many Napkins

    All-Muggle; what happens when the Weasley cousins are in Victoire's new house and the power goes out? Silly, fluffy one-shot.