• Potter's Wedding

    It's the wedding of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, where Hermione is the slightly unwilling bridesmaid. However, when Draco Malfoy appear, her night, and her life, go from a dull kind of simple, to extraordinary in a real life kind of way. AU. Muggledom.
  • A Series of Short Events

    A collection of short stories and drabbles.
  • On Friday We Love

    Sirius Black is a spy, and he is also in love with Marlene McKinnon, one night a week. Oneshot for now.
  • Who Am I: Making it to Romania

    Gilderoy Lockhart has lost all memory. Who he is, and where he is, are questions he is constantly asking. That is, until the golden-haired, beautiful woman comes onto the ward and changes his life for the better. She is, most certainly, his saving grace. Oneshot. Complete.
  • Angel in the Rough

    Draco Malfoy is a fallen angel. Hermione Granger just can't stay away. Oneshot for now.
  • Alone in Paris

    Draco Malfoy extended the invitation of love to Hermione Granger, along with a ticket to the City of Romance. She declined.
  • Unpredicted

    Hermione Granger likes to plan. She likes to have things organised, and prepared, and expected. Love does not allow her this favour, especially not when it comes to Fred Weasley.
  • Ravenclaw Gift Fics

    A temporary hold for Gift Fics while my account sorts itself out.
  • The Devil Wears Velvet

    Lord Voldemort has a new cloak and a new lease of life. Turns out, velvet is his style.
  • Love Me, Respect Me, Follow Me

    Gellert Grindelwald has a plan to rule the muggles. He will win over Albus Dumbledore to gain the power he believes he deserves.
  • The Long Way Home

    Igor Karkaroff is on the run, trying to escape the wrath of Voldemort that he is certain is to follow. He travels across the globe, trying to discover a way he can escape for a long time without notice. On the way, he has the chance to go home.
  • Seven

    Ron feels broken. Guilty. In love. Pained. After losing his brother, and the seemingly eternal lack of reciprocated feelings from Hermione. Oneshot.
  • Unfortunately

    Through the billowing steam of the train, Draco Malfoy sees Hermione and her family. He thinks on the past, and what might have been.
  • A Couch

    Fred and Hermione are trying to decide what to go in their new house. Unfortunately, the couch is getting in the way. AU, magical. Oneshot. Complete.
  • The Ex

    Ron and Hermione kissed. But what if the kiss was just a product of an expectation?
  • Target Acquired

    Hermione Granger is posing as Holiday Baxter in order to gain intel on the infamous Draco Malfoy, who appears to be running with the most dangerous people on the planet. Will her two identities stay disconnected?
  • Getting To Know My Husband

    A Muggle AU arranged marriage fic. Hermione's dad signs her up for the "marriage camp" of a lifetime, where students are paired up and married off to learn about love's commitment as it used to be.
  • New Year's Eve

    Draco has fallen in love with Hermione, much to his dismay. What should be a magical evening, is one fraught with heartache.
  • Truth Is Hard For A Compulsive Liar

    Draco Malfoy struggles to tell the truth. He's been lying for so long, it seems difficult to ever stop. Oneshot.
  • Steady My Hand

    A letter from Draco Malfoy to Hermione Granger. Based on the Fall Out Boy song, "My songs know what you did in the dark". Complete.