• Harry Potter and Grief's Wisdom

    Harry is not feeling very good about life. His godfather has just died and he almost got his friends killed. How could he be so stupid? There had to be some sort of way to get better... right? His grief and guilt lead him to question what he knows and try to find a better way. An Alternate HBP. Lunar Harmony. Slow updates
  • Organic Shitake and Spinach Salad

    Sam scores some mushrooms at a photo shoot. Kurt puts them in the salad. Ridiculousness ensues with Santana filming. Some drug humor. Klaine.
  • Green Ice

    After watching the Frozen DVD, Kim and Shego get into an argument over the Elsanna ship. Shego proposes using the pan-dimensional vortex manipulator to ask them directly. Tangled Up In Green Universe
  • The Cost of Safety

    Elsa is having some regrets about her isolation, missing her sister terribly. She doesn't want to do this but it's worth it to her.
  • Young Toad in Love

    Trevor is having his usual day at the start of school during Neville's 5th year when he is struck dumb by a vision of beauty and his life is changed forever. Trevor x Umbridge No really.
  • I Win

    A little wrestling match wins Luna a truly wonderful prize. Ginny/Luna
  • Hedwig and the Angry Snitch

    Hedwig flies and contemplates life before she is so rudely interrupted.
  • Voldy and the Rat

    Hey there boys and girls... it's time once again for your favorite villains. "Its Voldy and the Rat, its Voldy and the Rat. Once is a genius the other a prat..." Occasionally Mature.
  • The Storm

    A terrible winter storm has hit Arendelle and the people turn to the Queen for help. Can she and Anna keep their feelings a secret from their people as they work to keep them safe? Elsanna.
  • Written In The Body

    Being tortured by Bellatrix changes Hermione in a big way. She decides that no one else is allowed to write her life and is determined to live her life her own way, whatever the cost. This includes going after the love of her dreams if only she could figure out who they are. Femmeslash. Hermione/Ginny.
  • The Taste

    Ginny has not been right for a while and has gone a bit predatory, hunting to feed a need, an addiction. Dark Ginny, blood, non-con (implied). Thought people might enjoy this.
  • The Chalice and the Wand

    Ron never seems to have any luck. When he wakes up to discover that he is now a woman the repercussions in his life are great. Will his love for Hermione survive and what's up with Luna? M for content.
  • Moonlight and Butterflies

    Luna told her to come here but what awaits Ginny behind the doors of the Room of Requirement? M Ginny/Luna