• Inspires Us To Greater Poetry

    The Ministry is being infiltrated by Death Eaters. Elodie Merriman cannot keep to the plot she remembers from the books anymore, nor does she want to. Not if it means losing the men she loves. Elodie and Remus must pretend to be a couple, as Harry's guardians. Romance, humor, slow burn, canon divergence, Voldemort's defeat. Remus/OC, Sirius/OC; Sequel to A Solution More Beautiful.
  • The Good Intentions Paving Company

    Soulmates are incredibly rare, Hermione reasons. Most werewolves don't ever find their soulmate, so what's the difference between a werewolf without a soulmate who marries and has a kid, and a werewolf who is unaware that he has a soulmate who marries and has a kid? Hermione finds out there's a great deal of difference. Especially when the werewolf's *magic* knows. RL/HG
  • The Longest Distance

    In his 7th year at Hogwarts, Remus Lupin fell in love with a mysterious transfer student with a tragic past. The time he spent with her was precious and brief, and he was changed by it. Hermione Granger had been ready and willing to die in the past. What she wasn't prepared for was a second chance at a life she'd already laid down. RLHG Time Travel, Angst, Romance.
  • A Solution More Beautiful

    Book fan Elodie woke up in 1994 with a wand, a career, and a friend named Albus Dumbledore. No longer a Muggle, Elodie must navigate the Wolfsbane potion, teaching herself magic, and meeting her favorite characters. Falling in love is an unexpected complication! OFC/Sirius & OFC/Remus slow burn, humor, romance.
  • Then Shall I Know

    HG SB Novel Hermione travels back in time by unknown means and she and a young Sirius Black fall in love. When she returns, will her choice not to try to change the Marauders' future ruin her chance for happiness?
  • Sunlight

    Remus and Hermione appreciate the value of a good silence. RLHG. Oneshot. 100quills 'Come What May' prompt.
  • Making It Count

    During the search for the last Horcrux, Ron does his part while reflecting on the toll the war has taken and might take in the future. Oneshot. Warning: Character Death
  • Doubt Thou the Stars

    Alternate Reality. What if James was late for Voldemort's attack, and didn't die? How would this change everyone's lives, and what bearing will this have on the past and present? JamesRemus, JamesHermioneRemus. Challenge by LJ's Lilbreck. Word Count wrong
  • Truth Reborn

    OotP timeline, HHr. Harry tries to relieve his frustration about Dumbledore's departure from Hogwarts, and finds himself reevaluating a few things about himself and Hermione, instead. For LJ's lil pixiedevil. Oneshot.
  • Perspective

    Remus Lupin struggles to gain perspective on the events of his life at Hogwarts, both as a student and teacher. Occurs the night after the events in the Shrieking Shack in Prisoner of Azkaban. Written for 100quills prompt, One. Oneshot.
  • Unexpected, but Not Unwelcome

    Sirius had some secrets back in the first war, but they weren't the ones Remus thought they were. Remus/Sirius. For lj's gwenlliana prompt 'first kiss.' NO DH SPOILERS.
  • The Sacrifice

    A chance meeting in the halls at night during their seventh year prompt Severus and Lily to each make a decision about the course their lives should take. 'First Kiss' request by LJ's Gidjee, 'too good to be true' prompt for LJ's 15pairings. DH SPOILERS
  • Dance Me Through

    A few weeks after the final battle, Harry sits with Ginny and they plan their far future together. Harry wants to place the memory of her expression in a vial, save it for when they're old and grey and she asks him if he still loves her.
  • One Step Closer

    Remus/Hermione. Two years after he disappeared from the Battle of Hogwarts, Hermione had been just about to let go of her quest to find Remus Lupin. That is, until she finds that a well-meaning stranger is leaving hints that he is alive and well. Hermione knows him so well-how will she persuade a man so determined to be forgotten that he's worth remembering?
  • For Love

    Lucius & Narcissa. Narcissa has built her life the way she wanted, but her priorities are about to change. Written for LJ's luxleviathana, who asked for LN's first kiss. Also for LJ's community 15pairings, prompt 'play to win.' DH SPOILERS
  • Truth and Consequences

    Remus sees something in the Marauder's Map that changes his life forever. Expanded scene from PoA book. 100quills Remus claim, prompt 'world'
  • Floo Powder and Teardrops

    Dumbledore has just told Remus what happened in Godric’s Hollow. Written for LJ's 100Quills community, Remus claim. Prompt 100.3 95: 'Message'
  • Lis Du Feu

    Cedric wants to show Hermione something by the lake. Cedric/Hermione. Oneshot.
  • Magic Melody

    Harry reflects on why he loves his wife so much. Just as cheesy and fluffy as it sounds.
  • The Deadliest Sin

    Severus Snape has already made his commitment to the Death Eaters when Lily Evans arrives at his door, a complication he hadn’t expected, a temptation he almost couldn’t resist. Oneshot. Note: Written before Deathly Hallows, so now very slightly AU.