May La Nee

  • She'll actually be fine :)

    Tiny contest entry thing, innocent anti bullying stuff with some humour in it. Implied Druna. Very much completed, I do not care enough for romance in general to follow up with this.
  • The Muggle's curse

    Draco Malfoy's sixteenth birthday isn't starting off so well... and unfortunately things are only getting worse. What's going on? Rated M because his craziness isn't suitable for all audiences.
  • Convenient Tremors

    Ronald Weasley was minding his own business when suddenly a young man entered his life and started causing some serious drama. Psychological drama. Slash. No smut. Second generation. Slightly AU. Layout hates me, sorry.
  • Misunderstandings

    One day, Draco Malfoy comes home from work with Arthur Weasley. What happened? And why won't anyone tell Ron what's going on? Written from Ron's unreliable point of view. M to be safe.
  • Stains

    An elaborate series of events starring Ron and Draco. Will the hardship they will come to face be worth it? Will they get together? What the hell is going on? Slash. Collaboration with Synderska. Awesome. Read now. Rated M for your own safety.

    FRONT PAGE NEWS IN THE DAILY PROPHET! It has been about a week since the Dark lord has been defeated when this article appears. COMPLETED
  • The Talk

    Lucius suddenly realizes him and Draco never had 'The Talk'. He asks about it randomly, assuming to get a; "Don't bother, I figured it out." Boy, was he in for a surprise. Written for IheartDracoM's birthday! Rated T
  • Ferret scene gone WRONG

    Moody bounced Draco the ferret up and down in the halls a bit too much. Rated M; not so subtly implied necrophilia.
  • Dear aunt Bellatrix

    10-year-old Draco just found out he has an aunt in prison, and he decides to write to her. He's an aggressive little s.o.a.b. so it's rated T. I'm kind of bad with estimating what audiences this is suitable for. Hope you enjoy!