• Reading Between the Lines

    An old letter, filled with anguished love and an unplanned pregnancy, is found. But who wrote it? And who was it supposed to have received it? Post war, all survive

  • The Once and Future Prince

    Severus Snape survives the war only to have his life turned upside down again! Who exactly was Eileen Prince? What has she hidden from her only son? Who will be chosen to succeed the King when he dies?

  • Reading Between the Lines

    A hidden letter tells a story of unrequited love, a tryst, and an unplanned pregnancy. Who is the writer? Suspicion threatens to tear our friends at Hogwarts apart. AU set four years after the Battle of Hogwarts. Snape and Dumbledore survive.

  • The Course of True Love

    Severus Snape must learn the difference between friendship, love, and obsession. Hermione is engaged to Ron, but is he her true love match? Or is there another?

  • 1968

    While on vacation to New York, Nick and Janette come to the rescue of a very special six year old. Rate T for innuedo and to be on the safe side.

  • The Once and Future Prince

    The King of the Wizarding World is dying and his long-lost heir must be found. After the war, Severus learns an astonishing truth about himself. Prince was more than a last name. It was a title, and Severus is in line for the throne. How will he react when he learns the truth?

  • Broken

    Everyone has his breaking point. What happens when Severus Snape reaches his? When the consequences of an adolescent fling with his beloved Lily wreck havoc, who will be there for him when he is at his lowest point? This is a Snape-centric fic. Rated M to be on the safe side.

  • Educational Decrees ad Nauseum

    How would the staff of Hogwarts handle the current educational reforms and requirements that today's teachers are facing? Imagine Sprout's tears, Flitwick-style explosions, Hooch's Homeric profanity. With Severus and Minerva as leaders, what happens to Umbridge when they all team up against her? This is dedicated to all my teacher friends.

  • Open Up

    After being punished by the Dark Lord, Severus requires a trip to a Muggle dentist - Hermione's mother. This is a companion piece to my story "Matrimonium Lex."

  • Educational Decree ad Nauseam

    What happens when government officials decide how educators should teach? High Inquisitor Delores Umbridge, with Ministry backing, challenges the staff at Hogwarts with her Educational Decrees! This is dedicated to all my teacher friends.

  • Matrimonium Lex

    This is my version of the last three years of the Harry Potter story. An AU Marriage Law fiction. Severus & Hermione - Albus & Minerva - Black & Vector

  • Baby Gold

    Rumple's life is just full of surprises! Belle gives Rumple some surprising news, which turns his world upside down. Add a disasterous family New Year's Eve party!

  • Aftermath: Lucy, Part 2

    When Belle banishes Rumple across the town line, he has nothing. What does he do? How does he get back town, to explain, to the woman he loves? It will take his sister-in-law, Lucy, to help reconcile them. This is the second story in my "Lucy" series. Reviews are requested. Rating for general profanity.

  • Lucy

    Someone special from Rumplestiltskin's past returns. Can he see the love that is in front of him this time? This is NOT a "Mary Sue" story.

  • Xenophobia

    Sarek goes to see Amanda's father to ask for her hand in marriage. Things go horribly wrong! Rating for language and adult concepts.

  • T'Rea

    The aftermath of Sarek's first Pon Farr with T'Rea doesn't go as he had thought. Rated M to be on the safe side.

  • The Victor

    Sarek and Amanda have a date, and things get a bit out of hand.

  • The Cure

    Natalie finally finds a cure for Nick's vampirism. Rated Teen for inuendo and adult situations. Please review.

  • Sageth

    Great-grandfather Sageth visits Earth and gives his great-grandson a needed push towards love.