CPO Backstreet

  • Ginny Weasley and the Inheritance of Destiny

    What if Voldemort had gone after a different child that night? Ginny Weasley starts at Hogwarts to find her reputation precedes her and the events of eleven years earlier continue to haunt the wizarding world as she tries to find her place in it.
  • Harry Potter and the Wizarding Inquisition

    Part 8 of my post-epilogue series. Harry's newest enemy Phillip Nave remains at large and both the Ministry of Magic and the Order of the Phoenix want him tracked down. But the measures put in place could cause more problems than they solve.
  • The Lying Game Season 5

    The third part of my continuation of the series. Emma and Sutton agree to help a friend and find themselves carrying out an elaborate deception again, with no idea who to trust.
  • The Tomorrow People: Generation 3

    A series of stories I wrote in the mid-2000s, following on from both the 70s and 90s series, focusing on a new group of Tomorrow People. Features mostly original characters, although a few familiar faces pop up occasionally.
  • Harry Potter and the Friend from the Future

    Part 7 of my post-epilogue series. Harry and Hermione Potter return to their teaching positions at Hogwarts after their recent trials. But an old grudge places Harry in danger and sees the couple's daughter Nymphadora and her friends sent on a dangerous quest.
  • Harry Potter and the Civil War

    Part 6 of my post-epilogue series. 37 years after the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry and his wife Hermione are teachers at the school, their daughter Nymphadora is in her second year and Ron Weasley is Minister of Magic. But a controversial new Ministerial policy sees loyalties challenged and old friendships shattered in a way that threatens to tear the wizarding world apart.
  • Harry Potter and the True Way

    Part 5 of my post-epilogue series. Eleven years on and Nymphadora Potter, daughter of Harry and Hermione Potter, is about to start Hogwarts, while Harry and Hermione are taking on a change of career. It is a time of peace...until a group of dark wizards of unknown origin turn out to have their own ideas about how the wizarding world should be ruled.
  • The Tomorrow People: The Continuation

    Picking up from the end of the US series. As Stephen and Cara attempt to work out the Tomorrow People's role in the world, Jedikiah is making his own plans for the future of the new humans.
  • Harry Potter and the Purification Device

    Part 4 of my post-epilogue series. It's a year on from Harry and Hermione's wedding and their life is taking another twist. And then the Death Eaters who escaped from Azkaban emerge from hiding, with a plan to reshape the world of magic to their own ideology...
  • X9: United Nation

    Part 6 of my post-X3 series. The emergence of a charismatic anti-mutant leader at the same time as attacks on mutants and an important conference leaves the X-Men with another dangerous mission to accomplish.
  • Harry Potter and the Memory Thief

    Part 3 of my post-epilogue series. Harry and Hermione are finally getting married but an incident on their honeymoon looks set to ruin their happiness. Is there a connection with the escape from Azkaban?
  • Harry Potter and the Faces of Confusion

    Sequel to Harry Potter and the Resurrection Movement. It is six months since Harry and Hermione became a couple and the relationship is still not entirely accepted by their children. And in addition to dealing with domestic issues, there's the small matter of a group of newly-imprisoned Death Eaters.
  • Harry Potter and the Resurrection Movement

    Post-epilogue. Harry and his friends and the next generation of Hogwarts students all find themselves in danger when Voldemort's legacy is revealed.
  • Brief Encounter

    Harry and Hermione alone in a tent together. Again. Sorry.