• Voldemort X Umbridge

    We all hate Umbridge I know and even Voldemort wouldn't deserve this but as it is Voldie poo decided to make a ship with Snape and Umbridge called 'Sevores'. This is part of our RP but just to make it more interesting I decided to reply with Vombridge. Cruel isn't it? I may have vomited twice while writing this because I hate the pink bitch... Romance and Horror combined
  • Potions Apprentice

    We begin our journey with a trope I haven't used before… not exactly, anyway. This is slightly AU, as Severus and Albus (and maybe some others) are still living, but it takes place just after the Trio leave Hogwarts. Hermione has petitioned the Headmaster (Dumbledore) for an apprenticeship in Potions. Severus is not pleased.
  • On the other side of hate

    Hermione is going to broke up with Ron and realizes that she has a crush on her dark potions professor. But the problem is that Snape seems to hate her, but how thin is the line between hate and love?
  • Lost and helpless

    Hermione is 17 at the time she finds out that she is pregnant. What will her parents do when they find out? And is she ever going to be able to go back to Hogwarts? You will find it out by reading this chaper