Jackie Bair

  • A Potter Attends Ilvermorny

    What if one of Harry's children goes abroad for their education instead of going to Hogwarts? What will they encounter?
  • A Potter Attends Ilvermorny

    Lily Potter always wanted to attend Hogwarts, but then also gets accepted into Ilvermorny in North America. Many are concerned that there is some evil afoot, but she ends up going anyways with her parents blessings. Can the Potter Family handle this next wave of evil coming?
  • The Murphys

    What would of happened if Lily and Petunia were from a Wizarding family, but had been adopted out due to their fathers' vision of the impending war?
  • A Potter Attends Ilvermorny

    Lily Luna was accepted into Ilvermorny and Hogwarts. She decided to to attend Ilvermorny.