• Make It

    It all started on Monday April 13th 1987. He started seeing things, hearing things, smelling things. He thinks that it's a clue, a warning, and so he changes. In good and bad ways.
  • Fire

    Ron has this book that he found. Only he and one other person knows it exists. It's Ron's stress relief. Ron has started thinking differently about a certain house and comes to have an obsession with it. This does not go unnoticed by his, friends, family, and even Professors. But what does, is how he looks at one single person now.
  • SourPatch-Kid

    They've got Ice-Queen, HBlood-Boss, Mystery-Boy, Info-King, Rock-Core, Snake-Princess, and Slytherin-Prince, who else could they possibly need? No one... They thought. That was before they saw the real him.
  • Return From The 'Taken

    Ron Weasley disappeared after Lupin's transformation in third year and no one has seen or heard him since. Fifth year approaches and a mysterious boy comes out of nowhere and is introduced as a new student. Weirder is that he's in fifth year too, and takes Ron's place in the Gryffindor Tower. But with no competition the weirdest thing is that he was never sorted.
  • Lone Wolf's Power

    Always in the shadow of his brothers, sister, and even strangers, he wants to make his family proud, but all thoughts of that are thrown out the window the first day of his new school. Worse, people think he can't talk. From the age four, he had stopped talking. Talking had gotten him beaten up by his siblings.