• Three of a Kind

    In which Lily's family moves to London and she quickly befriends the Black brothers who live right next door.
  • Move On

    It was the time to move on. One simply couldn't spend the rest of their time in love with a ghost.
  • Bitter and Alone

    There was something the old lady at the orphanage used to say about him. "Thomas Riddle, when I look at you, I don't see a little boy you were supposed to be, but the devil himself. I pray to the lord he will save your wicked, dark soul."
  • Brothers

    There were three things Theodore Nott found out due to the family will his father had left behind to him after his unfortunate (not) death. One, he shared a mother with Harry fucking Potter. Two, his whole life was one huge lie that he didn't know what to do with. Three, he really needed a drink.
  • Rebirth

    Regulus Black was dead, except not quite.
  • Wedding Shenanigans

    When Hermione Granger had agreed to help out to plan Luna's wedding, she did in no way anticipate this would happen. It was supposed to be simple and uncomplicated, devoid of any drama, but as Hermione came to know a long time ago, there was nothing simple about Draco Malfoy.
  • Broken

    They were all a little broken inside.
  • Pandora

    Pandora Malfoy-Lovegood's life was not a tragedy, but still a bitter one.
  • Beautiful Mess

    Harry Potter is nineteen and right out of boarding school when he meets Cedric Diggory one day in the back of cinema theater. To say it doesn't go as he had expected was an understatement of the century. Muggle AU
  • Teenagers

    There was more than just the ongoing bloody war that arose more complications than they could understand at the moment that they had to worry about. Because despite what Albus Dumbledore seemed to think, they were still teenagers, and they still had youthful mistakes and errors they had to make before finally growing up.
  • Devil & I

    Once upon a time, the devil met a pretty little girl in red, and in her, he had seen his perfect match.
  • Secret

    Lucretia Potter is the Chosen One. She had just discovered she is a witch. It's really too bad that's not the only secret she would discover about her heritage before she is of an age.
  • Brother

    AU! What if when Sirius ran away from home, Regulus tagged along?
  • The House

    Hermione visits her childhood home.
  • Abandoment

    People always left him one way or another. Now it was his turn.
  • Wrong Time

    She was the witch in the wrong time, stuck in a time that she didn't belong. He was the wizard whose destiny was set in the stone, whose tragedy was told through the entire wizarding community. They were never supposed to meet, but here they were. Together.
  • The Two Brothers and the Lone Witch

    When Lily Evans was nine-years-old, her family had moved into a house across the street from the Black Family. There, she met two brothers who were as different as the sun and the moon.
  • Royals

    James Potter is eighteen and a fucking mess when he meets Sirius Black, the future king of England in the back of his dormitory room. Lily Evans is seventeen when she meets the second Prince of England, the King who shall never be. Or alternatively, how two exes meet with two princes.
  • Choice

    It was because of the choice he had made then, when he was feeling weak and stuck in a very complicated situation, that he was here today.
  • War of Hearts

    He was the perfect epitome of a pureblood privilege. Everything she should go out of her way to avoid. But she found herself seeking him out, anyway. For, when it came to the manners of a heart, there was no choice at all.