• Beyond the Veil

    Sirius comes face to face with Death after he falls through the veil, but do they have a proposition for him?
  • The Blood in Our Veins

    Janice always hated it when the full moon landed on Halloween- nothing ever seemed to go right. oneshot, ocxoc, spoopy Halloween
  • Back in Black

    Sirius Black was many things, but Arcturus knew his grandson was no killer. With no other option for an heir, Lord Black would do just about anything to keep the future of his Ancient and Noble House out of Azkaban Until he gave him an heir, that is. Au, Blacks, Sirius raises Harry, grey!Harry, possible Slytherin!Harry, Dudley, Dursley death, possible character bashing
  • The End

    Lucius had been ordered to do a lot, but never this.
  • Carving Pumkins

    Ellen has never really celebrated Halloween, Janice is set on fixing that. ocs, oneshot, drabble
  • Pumpkin Patch

    The Hufflepuffs are throwing a party in the Pumpkin Patch, can Janice convince Ellen to help out? Or at the very least come! one shot, ocs, Slytherin and Hufflepuff
  • Filius Flitwick: Origin

    Filius Flitwick was just like everyone else, until he received his Hogwarts letter and was introduced to some world shattering truths about who he was, and what. Goblins, one shot, Sorting
  • Bertie Botts

    Ellen has come up with her next great scheme, and of course Janice is along for the ride, one shot, pranks, some fluff
  • How I Met Her

    Ellen notices strange things happening around the girl down the street, one shot, drabble, ocs
  • Quidditch

    Ellen Addison has managed to land herself in the infirmary, though she isn't the best patient, one shot
  • Roaches, Round 1

    Ellen Addison might just be psychic, drabble, oneshot