• Unsung Hero

    There are two things to know about Harry Potter. One: He kicks ass. Two: No one cares. Why? Because Daniel Potter is the Boy Who Lived. Wrong!BoyWhoLived fic. Powerful Harry. Harry/Hermione.
  • Harry Potter and the Temporal Beacon

    At the end of 3rd year, Hermione asks Harry for some help with starting an interesting project. If a dark lord's got a 50-year head start on you, maybe what you need is a little more time to even the playing field. AU, Timetravel, HHr, mild Ron bashing. Minimizing new powers, just making good use of existing ones.
  • The Trophy Wife

    This story is meant to be more entertaining, rather than realistic. It's a light-hearted piece of fiction, and it's not meant to be taken too serious. It's a cliche take on the cliche marriage contract cliche, plus smut. Harry/Daphne. Lemons.
  • Almost a Squib

    What if Vernon and Petunia were even more successfull in 'beating all that nonsense' out of Harry? A silly AU story of a nonpowerful, but cunning, Harry.