• A Different Family

    Hermione Granger gets disowned after finding out she is a witch. Harry Potter’s parents are dead. Sirius Black adopts them. Eventual Fremione and Hinny, full summary inside.
  • The Map That Leads To You

    George Weasley knew that Fred Weasley was not dead. He couldn’t have been. The Weasley Twins never give up. George uses a map they created earlier and starts an adventure to find his twin. Will he be a twin reunited? Or is Fred really gone?
  • Samantha Black

    Samantha Black. Daughter to Sirius Black and Carissa Abott. During her years at Hogwarts and life, she is constantly facing challenges. She also had a big crush on her brothers’s best friend. How will everything turn out for Sam? (OCs)
  • Their Good Dream

    This is a Fremione (Fred W. Hermione G.) fanfiction. I do not own any of the characters. I am not J.K Rowling, I am myself. Please enjoy!
  • Love Letters

    Fred likes a girl, but Hermione likes Fred. Fred asks for advice, and Hermione recommends love letters. Suddenly, Hermione starts recieving anonymous love letters. Could it really be who she thinks it is? (Fremione story)
  • More Than Just Booksmart, You Know

    Hermione is spending Christmas Break at the Burrow. Fred hangs out with her for a while. Hermione shocks Fred, knowing his name and how he feels about her. Will this change anything, or make things better?
  • I Love You

    Hermione has been going through a lot lately. One night, Fred comforts her. He then tells her about how he feels about Hermione. Will Hermione give him a chance? Or will their friendship be ruined forever?