Dragon MoonX

  • Dark Humor

    A collection of humorous stories featuring a variety of dark witches and wizards. First up, a drunken party at Malfoy Manor leads to a war over pop tarts, a bathroom flooded with champagne, and confessions about a wedding in a food court.
  • Scabior's Christmas Bash

    Sequel to Voldemort's Birthday Party, but not really connected. Get ready for drunkenness, insanity and complete lack of plot as Scabior and his Snatchers throw a humongous Christmas bash! There's insane spells, wicked stories and the craziest and possibly dumbest Snatchers you will ever meet.
  • Dumbledore Drabbles

    What it says on the tin - a collection of random, humorous drabbles focusing on the Dumbledore family. And that includes Aurelius, too.
  • Voldemort's Birthday Party

    Today is Voldemort's birthday, and unbeknownst to him his Death Eaters have thrown him a surprise party. Chaos and hilarity ensues as Voldemort participates in games such Pin The Scar On Harry Potter and prank calling the Ministry of Magic.
  • Drowning In You

    She is Delphini, her silvery blond hair kissed with a hint of pale blue. These watery colors mirror the magical essence that created her, and so she is named after the dolphin that swims across the night skies.
  • Snatcher's Library - Halloween Edition

    A collection of fifty short stories, drabbles and oneshots written about our favorite Snatcher Scabior. Written for the Holiday Spirit Halloween Boot Camp challenge.
  • I Could Never Say These Words To You

    Giftfic for Maisie Malfoy. Voldemort returns to rescue his most loyal servant from Azkaban, only to find that she's not the woman he remembers. He soon realizes that she will never again hear him speak, leaving him to wonder what might have been if he had told her what she longed to hear.
  • Family Life

    There's more to life than being a Snatcher. Join me for a look into the married life of Scabior as he raises his daughter, takes her to work with him, sings her to sleep, and still finds time to spend with his wife at the end of the day.
  • Snatcher's Library

    A collection of fifty short stories, drabbles and oneshots about our favorite Snatcher Scabior. Written for the Favorite Character Boot Camp challenge.
  • Snatcher's Library - Christmas Edition

    A collection of 100 short stories, drabbles and oneshots about our favorite Snatcher Scabior. Written for the Holiday Spirit Christmas Boot Camp challenge. This is basically a Christmas version of Family Life.
  • Descending Into Fire

    Scabior falls ill on the anniversary of being poisoned by Bellatrix, and what appears to be a cold soon turns deadly as the true nature of his illness is revealed.
  • Heart Within the Shadows

    Severus is suffering from a potentially lethal curse. As he struggles to uncover the reason behind his torment, he discovers a dark witch whose master was killed by Voldemort. Will he be able to find a cure before dark magic destroys him once and for all? And what role will his female companion play in this?
  • Keepsake of the Stars

    A seven piece collection focusing on the life of Delphini Riddle, beginning with her conception and continuing as she grows and interacts with members of her family. Warning: Cursed Child spoilers
  • Marital Bliss

    A collection of erotic stories featuring Scabior and his wife. First up, Draconius is in the mood to experiment with something new, and Scabior will never look at doughnuts the same way again.
  • Fragments of Silver

    During the height of the second war, Violet Stregheria leaves home in search of her lost sister. But not long after her departure she is captured by a band of Snatchers. She now has more to worry about than just finding her sibling. But does she really want to escape the clutches of the seductive man who's holding her prisoner? Full summary and warning inside.
  • Scabior's Halloween Adventure

    Scabior and Dylan hate each other and can't get along, so Heather decides to force the out together on Halloween night to go trick-or-treating, in hopes they'll have fun and forget how much they despise each other. Tricks, foul treats and one sugar crazed Chosen One await them on a Halloween night to remember.
  • Fantasy or Reality

    There was something exciting about this man, something that beckoned her, calling to her with a voice she sometimes heard on the wind. But how could Scabior ever love her? And why would he desire a woman who was on the side that was working against him?
  • Child of the Autumn Leaves

    Scabior was born in autumn. And once he was touched by the magic of the season, the forest became his home. Sequel to My Beautiful Flower.
  • Redemption

    Legend says that if you fall asleep outside on Beltane, you may be kidnapped into the fairy realm. When Scabior awakes to find that he is no longer in his own world, his attempts to find his way home are blocked by a mysterious fae. Scabior soon learns that this stranger is the key to his redemption, and that refusing his help may cost him his life.
  • Pictures From the Past

    Sanderson felt tears come to his eyes as he gazed at the painting. He knew this was the last thing she ever made for him. Bellatrix's voice drifted in from behind as the twisted witch stood beside him and said, "Are you crying?" "No," said Sanderson, wiping away tears before they had a chance to spill from the corners of his eyes. "I was just lost in thought...remembering her."