Dragon MoonX

  • Night of Silence

    Scabior has to have his tonsils taken out on Christmas morning. He thinks the surgery will ruin his holiday. But with his family's love and support, he soon learns that Christmas isn't about the gifts you give from a store, but the ones you give from the heart. Part four in a series of four.
  • Drunk On Love

    Lucius has no clue how to brew a proper love potion. Severus learns that the hard way once the blond aristocrat starts sneaking the potion in his tea, leading the Potions Master to develop an addiction to the alluring man and his poorly made potions.
  • Fevers & Fears

    When Scabior gets appendicitis, he doesn't recognize the symptoms and tries his best to hide it from his wife. But refusing treatment is not an option. And Draconius soon learns the truth behind his refusal to seek medical care when he's ill. Part three in a series of four.
  • The Christmas Party

    Scabior lowered his head so that his mouth was level with her ear. "Come with me," he murmured, his sultry tone hinting at what he had in mind after they left the ballroom. "I know a place where we can be alone, sweet'eart."
  • Animalistic Desires

    They were perfectly suited for each other, both of them animals in their own way. He was the deadly serpent, she was a beast who devoured the bodies of those he killed.
  • Complicated Healing

    Scabior has always avoided asking for help when he is sick. But ignoring his illness in hopes it will go away on its own has repercussions. And what begins as a simple throat infection soon turns into something far worse for the ailing Snatcher.
  • My Beautiful Flower

    From the moment she first saw him she knew what she would name him, for he was her beautiful flower.
  • Fili & Kili Read Thorin's Decision

    Fili and Kili discover a rather interesting piece of literary work. Kili laughs, Fili is less than amused, and their commentary on the story follows. [This story is currently on hold while I work on other projects.]
  • Dumbledore Vs the Whomping Willow

    When Dumbledore investigates the disappearance of the sword of Gryffindor, he discovers a secret hidden in the Shrieking Shack. But its a secret he'll have to fight to uncover.
  • Savage Love

    Remus Lupin is homeless and broke, living on the streets and fighting to survive. With no where left to turn he begins a descent into darkness, and an unlikely bond is formed as he searches for a way to repair his ruined life and broken heart.
  • Coffee Cowgirl

    Sometimes whether or not someone has had their morning coffee can be a matter of life or death, especially for those unfortunate enough to cross paths with Bellatrix when she's withdrawing from her favorite beverage.
  • One Night Living In A Dream

    How far would he go for the one he loved? To have her, to hold her and make her his? Severus will find a way to have Lily, if only for a moment, if only for one night, living in a dream.
  • Love's Healing Touch

    One cold and rainy morning Scabior catches a case of the wizarding world flu. As his wife attempts to nurse him back to health she soon discovers that a high fever can lead to some rather unusual behavior.
  • A Light in the Dark

    His best friend is dead. The world around him is crumbling and he has no where left to run. But if Draco thinks he's faced his most difficult challenge yet he's about to be proven wrong by a heavily pregnant witch he encounters during the battle of Hogwarts.
  • Misundersnape Tribute

    Severus Snape stumbled across the frozen ground. Each breath he drew was labored and shallow. He was so dizzy he couldn't see straight, and the pain that lanced his chest with every breath was making him light headed and nauseous. This was not the way he imagined his day would go, and it all began with an innocent pink dressing gown...
  • The Madness of Bellatrix Lestrange

    Some say it started in Azakaban, that Bellatrix went mad during the time she was imprisoned there. But members of her family will tell you different, stating that she was already losing her mind long before then. And if you don't believe me just try her cooking. You'll see what I mean.
  • Thranduil's Eyebrows

    Kili has sweet talked Tauriel into sneaking him out of his prison cell in Mirkwood for a late night snack. He's only allowed out for a short while, but it's long enough for him to get into some mischief.