• Match

    "And when she drank, she couldn't tell what was sweeter: the butterbeer or James Potter's smile."/One-shot. Marauders Era.

  • The Clockwork Locket

    Cassie Alderfair has been doing an exceptional job with being discreet at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but her days of being invisible are disrupted in her fifth year, when an unfortunate night of mischief draws attention from the infamous Marauders, and a secret comes to light that may turn the tides of the war… (Marauders' Era)

  • The Clockwork Collections

    Missing moments, deleted scenes, and general shenanigans not seen in 'The Clockwork Locket.'

  • A Crown of Thorns and Roses

    Regulus Black has sold his soul to the Devil - or rather, the Dark Lord. The last thing he needed was to be tutored in Potions, especially when said tutor was the annoyingly smart and persistent Hufflepuff, Diana Fairchild. For Regulus, a simple mistake could cost him his life - and unfortunately for him, Diana Fairchild was his first one. (Marauders' Era; Regulus/OC)

  • The Story Nobody Asked For

    "Well, it's decided then," Davey announced suddenly. "We're all doomed." It was supposed to be simple, really. All she had to do was seduce Remus Lupin - and then break his heart. Taylor Aster was never one to back down from a challenge, even if the odds were stacked against her - and the price was her own heart. "Hogwarts will be in ruins by the time this is over."

  • Through Shadow

    AU. Veronica Finch knew her life would be changed irrevocably when Dumbledore spoke of recruiting her, but she knew better than to ignore what was so obviously fate. James Potter simply believed that fate could kiss his arse, but things were never that easy when it came to him. That was probably why Veronica Finch would be the death of him over any Dark Lord. (James/OC)

  • Winter's War

    After the Battle of Hogwarts ends in a chilling twist of fate, Morgan Winters is given a second chance to go back in time and fix the faults that led to the Chosen One's downfall. However, a broken Time-Turner soon becomes the least of her worries when she realizes that to save one war, means fighting to stop another before it can even begin... (time-travel; Marauders' Era)

  • Flicker

    "They used to shout my name – now they whisper it." Born a Ranger, before thrust into a world of blood and deceit, Saf now lives a quiet, uneventful life of self-exile to escape her lineage and her past. But when an old friend stumbles upon her unexpectedly and offers her a chance of redemption by joining a quest, who is she to refuse? Thorin/OC

  • Winter's War

    The Golden Trio wasn't supposed to be dead. She wasn't supposed to be the one to kill the Dark Lord. But against all odds, Val Winters comes out on top. Fate, however, does not take kindly to her tapestry being unwoven, and soon, a wonky Time-Turner is going to be the least of her worries… (time-travel fic; Marauders Era)