• The Tower

    In the aftermath of the Battle of Hogwarts Draco discovers an injured Hermione among the dead. In a rare moment of bravery, he brings her to the north tower of Malfoy Manor, a remote place with a sorrowful past. As a new world order spring forth around them, the unlikely allies are forced to adapt to a darkening reality. AU, Draco/Hermione
  • Into the Woods

    Despite being the champion of the Labyrinth, Sarah finds it all too easy to get lost in the woods. After a while, she could use some help finding her way out. Second chances aren't always easy to come by, unless, of course, a Fae is willing to help you out in bending the rules of fate. Sarah/Jareth
  • Never Quite Right

    "Sometimes, he resented living solely for this girl. This silly, never-quite-right girl who refused him again and again and again. He hated living for those few hours when she was his – but not really, not quite, always at the ends of his fingertips, always some space between them." Based on Glamdamnit's amazing fan theory, featured on Buzzfeed. S/J, oneshot.
  • The Sulk

    Hermione finds someone sulking in the middle of the holiday party and she will not stand for it. Companion to Come the Ages. Tom/Hermione
  • Closing the Box

    Luna faces an uncertain motherhood more than ten years after the tragic demise of Pandora Lovegood. Follow up piece to AloraMora's "Opening the Box." Lots of plot bunnies and some definite fluff. Post-Battle of Hogwarts.
  • You Lie in Shadow

    Some ghosts aren't content to lie in the shadows. Five years after the defeat of the Dark Lord, Hermione begins seeing visions of her old potions professor.
  • Come the Ages

    "She didn't come with the intention of changing things. In fact, if anything, Hermione Granger arrived with little more but the intent to swiftly leave. But fate is a fickle thing, and no number of hours in the library seemed to be helping her cause." Trapped in 1946, Hermione is already having the worst of luck when she catches the interest of one Mr. Tom Riddle.
  • Keeper

    For nearly an age, Thranduil has ruled the Greenwood forest alone. But it wasn't always so. A young bee keeper rises from a modest forest living to reign alongside the King of Mirkwood, raising the heir and navigating the politics of Arda. Thranduil/OC
  • Shadows

    Upon his return to London, Sherlock finds a new conspiracy afoot. Balancing this, wedding planning, and a part-time girlfriend is nothing the consulting detective can't handle. Or so he thinks. Sequel to Silhouettes, spanning series 3. Sherlock/OC.
  • Transparency

    Rory has been having nightmares, and the only person in the whole world who can help is someone who is not quite a person anymore. Post-Madness. Stephen/Rory. Oneshot.
  • Toils and Troubles

    "When they were children he would either tease her mercilessly, horridly, or pay her little mind. Whichever it was really depended on his mood, or how compliant Daphne was to his schemes." Draco/Astoria. Oneshot.
  • Deal

    "An engagement. That would suit you, yes?" A Draco/Astoria snippet. Short and hopefully sweet.
  • Highs

    They had beautiful highs and horrific lows. But now, they mostly have each other. Draco/Astoria. Bittersweet.
  • Breaking Superstition

    "We already have luck. We'll make our own, anyways, if we need it." He was never one to abide by the rules. He'd never needed to. Draco/Astoria, drabble.
  • Daffodils

    Though they frequented his mother's extensive gardens, Draco did not like daffodils in the least bit. They were frilly, fussy, and the worst colour in the world. Astoria/Draco. One-shot. Fluff.
  • Sweetly Drowning

    "Regardless of his contributions, to society he would always be a Malfoy. The worst, or perhaps best, thing is that he clearly knows it. Nevertheless, she is resolved to see through his misery every day of her life." 8 or so years after the Battle of Hogwarts, the youngest Greengrass has a chance encounter with one of the most hated wizards of the day. Draco/Astoria.
  • Sunday Afternoons

    "You can probably sympathize with him best of all," Hermione said. Harry begins spending Sunday afternoons with his godson. Snapshots of Teddy Lupin's childhood through Harry's eyes.
  • Dawns of Another Day

    I'd once heard that women chose men who are most like their fathers. I know this will never happen to me, because nobody is like my father. Nobody could be like my father. No one could willingly cause so much pain and suffering, except for my father. Draco/OC.
  • Changing Winds

    Ginny has escaped from her mother for a while. She's thinking about Harry.Deathly Hallows spoliers. Fluff.