• Stuck

    When an accident in Charms causes Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy to get stuck together, Hermione assumes that Headmaster Dumbledore will be able to free them...only he can't. The pair are forced to be together, and beliefs are questioned, sanities are threatened, and the whole of Hogwarts is thrown upside down in the mix.
  • Partners-In-Pranks

    *Dedicated to Rayito-De-Luz-Sexy* Connor Stoll and Lou Ellen have never really gotten along, but when an opportunity arises to prank a fellow camper, they both jump at the chance. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, right?
  • The Gryffindor Princess

    When Hermione stays at the guys' flat for a litle while, things get insane when a couple of Slytherins drop by.
  • Father Percy

    *It is recommended that you read Mother Thalia and Father Nico first.* Thalia and Nico have been turned into little kids, and Percy's in charge of taking care of them. That means nothing can go wrong...right?
  • Importance

    *Dedicated to Bookwormgirl47* Rachel feels like she doesn't deserve to be at Camp Half-Blood after getting a rude note, but Percy reminds her how much she means to everyone in camp. This is a friendship fic.
  • Armin's Christmas

    It seems like everyone has problems, and Armin's the only one who picks up the pieces, determined to hold the family together for another day. But when Armin had a problem that even he doesn't notice, it becomes a little too late to save him. Rated T for language, mentions of depression and suicide.
  • The Return

    Hacker has won. In a last burst of energy, Motherboard managed to save Digit, Jackie, Matt, and Inez. Motherboard's few allies have been looking for them. Slider managed to find a Mike, Jessie, Irene, and Donald Chase, but Mike doesn't want to get back into another war. Will Hacker rule forever? Is Cyberspace doomed? This is not good, not good at all! Disclaimer: I don't own this:)
  • Sleep

    Merritt wants to watch a scary movie, and the others agree. However, Henley finds that the movie is much scarier than she anticipated. Danny's not sweet, but he's not a serial killer either. Just a one-shot.
  • It Was Worse

    Beautiful sunny day, boring Quidditch game to look forward to, today should be pretty uneventful, bordering on boring, right? After all, Lily Evans thinks that she deserves boring. But James Potter, the git, seems to believe that he should be solely responsible for getting her killed. Sorry if it contains any OOCness. Please read and review!