• Seven

    After a devastating Quidditch Cup loss, Skye Parkin and Orion Amari deal with it in their own ways. Also Murphy is there. [Hogwarts Mystery One-Shot]
  • The House at Spinner's End

    Just a day in the life of Severus Snape raising five-year-old Harry Potter. PWP.
  • Missing Moments

    A collection of one-shots revolving around "missing moments" from my story, The Sacred 28. Click here to read about Blaise, Gabrielle, Fleur, Charlie, Margrethe, George, Vera, and many more!
  • Wit Beyond Measure

    [Sequel to The Sacred 28, The House of Black, and Bottled Magic] Athena Molly Malfoy - and the pure, unadulterated chaos that follows her every step.
  • Uncle

    Over a decade after the end of the war, a shared night between Toph and Sokka has far reaching consequences for them both. [one shot/rated for adult content]
  • Therapy

    Let her heal. She needs time. Give her space. Raphael has been watching April O'Neil waste away for six months and he's sick of it. [one-shot series, raph/april, rating for language, character death and non-explicit adult themes] Coverart by Triacylglycerol.
  • Epoch

    Thanks to a fluke of Pietro Maximoff's hyperspeed powers – and the determination of a certain Kitty Pryde – a group of Bayville teens find themselves stranded in one of history's darkest chapters. [rated for adult themes/violence]
  • Bottled Magic

    [sequel to The Sacred 28] "You know, for someone with the ability to read minds, you really lack foresight." And thus began Maggie's seventh year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
  • Useless Magic

    Some time in the life of Charlie Weasley, post the events of The Sacred 28. [companion story, oneshot]
  • The House of Black

    In a time of growing social unrest, a young Narcissa Black is simply trying to avoid the embarrassment of her father's drunken behavior so she can maintain a reputable pure-blood image and marry well, just as she always dreamed. Instead, as Narcissa herself recounts, fate conspired to take her on a very different path, one which forever left her heart split in two.
  • The Lesson

    SPOILERS FOR THE SACRED 28... Athena, Parvartus, and Marseille get a little revenge.
  • The Sacred 28

    In a dwindling postwar society, pure-blood prisoners are being released into the care of Death Eaters for "rehabilitation." And because life is quite unfair, Draco Malfoy has been entrusted with one very angry, very vengeful Ginny Weasley. [AU of a Voldemort victory]
  • Penance

    When a lab accident leaves Donnie unrecognizable, the turtles decide to use it to their advantage by infiltrating Shredder's Foot Clan and getting a cure for Karai. However, as the effects of Donnie's change grow more pronounced, April begins to wonder whether the real Donnie will ever get back to them... or if he'll be lost to this dark new life. Cover Art by Triacylglycerol.
  • Learning

    April's roommate may be new to the turtles, but when it comes to Mikey, they may as well have known each other for years. Fun little one-shot set a year after Therapy. Raph/April, Mikey/OC. Rated for very mild swearing.
  • Virgin Mary Gryffindor

    A conversation between Hermione and Draco, meant to be entirely satirical. Hermione asks Draco if he's a virgin.