• Good For The Goose

    I got stalled halfway through the next chapter of ENC so I decided to thow up this shortish sidebar that doesn't fit into my other stories while I'm trying to work out what to do with ENC. AU as ever and Dame Albus, Tommy and the DEs and most of the Weasleys and other Sheeple don't come out well. Hermione comes up with a plan to use the TWT and an obscure law to help Harry get free
  • The Emperor's New Clothes

    Once again, AU. It uses a large part of the structure of my 'Other Harry Potter' world but the players and the events of Halloween 1981 are closer to canon. It starts on the night they were attacked.
  • The Other Harry Potter

    AU as usual, this is my version of a Wrong-Boy-Who-Lived story. It will have similar themes to my other HP stories but James and Lily lived and Sirius died that Halloween. James and Remus are Albus' lapdogs and Harry's twin Hadrian is the one they're calling Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived. Lily has hidden Harry away from Dumbledore, James and Magical Britain until he's 11.
  • Protecting Harry

    Yet another trip down the rabbit hole into the AU Harry Potter 'verses. In this, the family performed a protection ritual over Harry so Padfoot and Moody arrived soon enough to get him away from Dumbledore and he is raised by the family. Sirius doesn't go to Azkaban, the Rat doesn't supposedly die and Duimbledore and the Pure-Bloods have a harder time. HP/HG/LL SB/RL NL/SB/DG
  • Pride and Prejudice and Potter

    What happens when Harry gives in and reads one of Hermione's favourite novels over the summer holiday and then gets stuck in Austinland in his head after the Dementor sucks out Tom instead of him on the Hogwarts Express because Remus is too worried about doing anything the Headmaster might not like to move quickly?
  • Tuney and the Tots

    AU as usual. This one is around Petunia, Dudley, Harry and Mrs Fig escaping Dumbledore's machinations with the goblins' help six months after Harry was left on the Dursley's doorstep. The last chapter of my last story seemed to bomb, so I'm playing with another idea before I go back to it.
  • Harry Potter and the Clockwork Mummy

    This isn't a replacement for my current stories, it's just a rather 'out there' version of Harry and Hermione being sent to another dimension by Death when they finish Voldemort for good. At this point I don't know whether this will be a one shot or I'll take it further after I wind up some of the current stories but I couldn't resist posting this flight of fancy.
  • Druidesses' Coven

    This is AU (of course), this one is a stab at the theme of Lily doing something that allows her to return to help Harry, via a coven. It will use a lot of the same themes I usually do, HP/HG/LL and Dumbles, most of the Weasleys and a host of others will be bashed.
  • Not My Problem

    AU as usual. Had the urge to try a 'Magical Britain can fix it's own problems, I'm leaving' story. Harry is his mother's son and brilliant in this one. HP/HG/LL core links and AD/VD/MD and Weasley bashing galore.
  • Harry Potter - Three and Seven

    Story abandoned due to attacks from anonymous cowards. Another AU Harry Potter story. The theme is time travel/do-over, HP/HG/LL. The AD/MW/RW/GW/VD/OD/DD/MD bashing/flaying will be prevalent.
  • Harry Potter and the Tooth Fairy

    Another AU HP story, Six year old Harry has his teeth smashed in by his cousin and escapes with magic, only to arrive in the middle of the street right in front of the Grangers' car.
  • Here We Go Again

    AU Harryverse drabble Dumbledore, some Weasleys, Snape and others don't fare well. Some violence and mature concepts.
  • Deja Vu

    AU. This is my version of the HP time travel stories. AD/MW/RW bashing. NB: As Harry and Hermione know where the bodies are buried and can predict what will happen, this story will go much faster than my other ones. Cleaning House and Reconciliations
  • Growing Up Harry

    This is an AU story based in the world of Heritage and Origin to get away from the original story line. AD, MW & RW bashing and some 'bad' characters change sides. A New Challenge
  • Heritage

    I've been drawn into the Harry Potter world by many great fanfics here and thought I'd give it a go. This diverges from canon in that Harry and Hermione are together (as JKR finally agreed was a better pairing) and many of the characters I disliked in canon get treated the way I thought they deserved to be. War
  • Origin

    When I was putting together the back story for Heritage, I got the urge to flesh out the roots of the world of Heritage. If it interests people, I may come back to this once I've finished Heritage.
  • Sisters

    What happens if something comes out to show that two of the main women in the show are actually more than friends?
  • Getting Over Bryce

    My take on Sarah dealing with the Bryce issue during the timeline of the show. (Largely fluff.) Also a rough attempt at dealing with insecurities and relationship problems.
  • I'll Make Love to You

    Just a short piece of Charah fluff.
  • Langston

    The Puppet Master's story