Lorelei Candice Black

  • His twin sister

    Harry had a twin sister, Rose Lilly, who was kidnapped at birth by a nurse who faked her death to raise her. She and Harry see each other in dreams. During Harry's 4rth year, Dumbledore discovers the truth. Sirius, Remus, Weasley family, Draco Malfoy, Voldemort, Snape... Surprises, couples, maybe even babies... Read to find out more

  • Take me to Wonderland

    Based on the song by Natalia Kills. Emma and Killian are at the White Rabbit, celebrating bringing Regina and Robin back together while giving Marian some peace of mind. It's karaoke night. Snow and David are here as well as a lot of people from the town and push Emma to sing something. Post Season 3. Little bit of Ruby and Whale pairing. Rating just to be safe.

  • Saving Graham

    Another What if? Story. What if Emma had found the staircase under the tomb of Regina's father? What if she helped Graham get his heart back in place?

  • The Cruise: Elijah's sequel

    This is Elijah's sequel of my fiction The Cruise. Charlie and him are traveling and they find themselves in Stars Hollow to buy Antiques where they meet a pregnant Lorelei Gilmore and get invited to stay longer. Elijah/Rory pairing. No pairing for Charlie yet. Read and don't forget to review please.

  • Kissing a puppet

    A different ending to S02E18. Emma does something while believing in her powers more and it changes things. Tamara doesn't get away, Gold comes to help, Regina is stopped... True Love's kiss? One-shot. Just taking my wishes for reality here.

  • The thief

    "Because you stole my plan to create an all powerful Alpha Pack. I thought we were friends and you betrayed me." Or when Peter and Deucalion face each other. Could be considered a missing piece from season 3A. One-shot. Give it a chance and review please!

  • What's your team?

    Set after Emma and everyone comes back from Neverland and before Peter Pan's shadow attacks Blue. Everyone has an opinion about who Emma should choose and they found a way to let her know. Some are on Team Neal, others on Team Hook but who will be on Team Emma?

  • Dating 101, by Charming

    A little one-shot inspired by the scene when Gold asks David some dating advises. Placed right after season 3. Gold, Robin, Whale, Little John, Hook, Archie, Marco, Dwarfs... They all need help with their relationship and Charming tells them all to meet him later so he doesn't have to repeat himself. Give it a chance and review please?

  • A mystical psychoanalysis

    Bella and Isobel are friends. They studied the same subjects, except Bella studied Psychology and is now a psychologist. When Isobel goes to Mystic Fall's before the curse is broken, she calls her friend and asks her to watch over Elena. Bella bought the old Gilbert doctor's office to open her practice. Bella knows a lot of supernatural beings. COMPLETE

  • Le grand amour de Tom Elvis Jedusor

    Et si une seule personne pouvait changer le destin et empêcher Tom Jedusor de devenir Lord Voldemort? Dumbledore et Harry font un rituel ancien pour demander de l'aide et pour sauver cette personne speciale. Tom sauve une enfant et ça change tout. Donnez-y une chance, SVP et laissez une REVIEW derrière vous!

  • La bataille finale

    Demain, c'est la dernière bataille. Tout le monde le sait. Les 2 camps vont profiter de cette dernière journée afin de s'amuser en compagnie de leurs amis.LA SUITE EST LA!Chapitre2 en ligne! reviews!

  • Société secrète à Poudlard

    Idée délirante qui demandait à être écrite. La Société secrète des Animagus non déclaré est en session. Qui en est membre? Qui est le grand maître? Court et débile, mais c'est là.

  • Tom Riddle's True love

    Dumbledore finds an ancient and difficult ritual to go back in time for a few minutes... Is it enough to change history? Would saving one life really prevent Tom Riddle from become Lord Voldemort? Find out here. Initially a french fiction of mine that I translated and changed a bit. COMPLETE!

  • Out of reading material

    Hook is out of reading material and needs to go to the library for the first time since Gold was forced out of town by Belle after trying to kill him. Short, I hope you'll still like it.

  • A dead man's letter

    Killian knows he can't escape his death this time and that there is no warning Emma before IT happens so he decides to write her a letter and leave it in his room at Granny's, on top of his belongings, presented in a neat pile on top of his bed. Emma's reaction to the letter now added.

  • His hidden sister

    Starts right before Klaus kills his father. Ansel reveals a secret to Klaus and it changes things. One-shot that might get bigger later. Bella is Klaus's little sister. No romantic pairings.

  • Reunited

    After Klaus kills him, Ansel comes back once more but Esther didn't bring him back. Someone else did and he has news for his son. Hope isn't Klaus's first born. His real first born was hidden from him 16 years ago. Read to find out more. Slight WeeVer (and possible more if I decide to write more of it).

  • A ray of sunshine

    In 1820. No Marcel. Instead, the Governor has a 4 years old daughter that he hates because her mother died giving birth to her. On her big brother's funeral, she is badly mistreated: Klaus comes to the rescue. Later: Bella/Kol

  • A wicked duo

    Before using her portal, Zelena learns Of Peter Pan and what happened a year ago in Neverland and suddenly, her plan change slightly. Warning: Villains win, Heroes lose. A bit of Captain Swan. I'm trying something new here... NOT romantic pairing.

  • A second chance

    Klaus and his family are in New Orleans when he gets a letter from Sarah Crewe, one of his human friend's daughter. She needs his help getting answers about her father's death. Will he let her suffer in London or will he save her?Will she accept their secret? Having seen Princess Sarah is not necessary to understand and enjoy this story. Rebekah and Sarah bond. Not romantic.