• Revelation in the Common Room

    Takes place in the Gryffindor common room in the trios seventh year. Voldemort is no more. One-shot
  • Snow Bound

    Harry and Tracey go skiing... then get stuck. One-shot.
  • Deck the Claw

    Four Ravenclaws decorate for Christmas for Harry. One-shot.
  • Harry Potter and My Story Ideas

    I've decided to compile some of my story ideas that I am writing now, but not ready to post. This will be the first chaps of the stories and aren't the final product of them. There will be various pairings in this, but all will have Harry in them. Each chap will be a different idea. Now with crossover ideas.
  • Melting an Icy Heart

    Daphne Greengrass, the Ice Queen of her school. Is there anyone who can thaw her? V-day One shot.
  • Homemade Chocolates

    Susan is making chocolates for a special someone, who is it? A light side helping of Neville/Hannah. Oneshot.
  • When Fleur Met Harry

    Begins in Harry's Fourth Year. A change in what happens to the Boy-Who-Lived.
  • Skating

    Cho goes out ice skating with Harry.
  • An Elf, a Reindeer and a Potter

    Parvati volunteers to spread some Christmas cheer to kids in the hospital and ropes her sister into helping. What could go wrong?
  • Snow Swing

    Penny takes a walk in the snow and decides to go swinging.
  • Deck the Halls

    Harry and his wives decorate for Christmas. Reposted with a correction.
  • Prank Enhancement

    Harry pulls a prank on most of the male population of Hogwarts.
  • Trick or Treat

    Daphne is roped into taking neighbor kids out trick or treating, but ends up getting a good treat herself.
  • Saved by Wonder Woman and Batgirl

    It's Halloween and Harry's depressed. Can two heroines save him? Rated T for a small bit of swearing and to be on the safe side of things.
  • Marriage Connection by Potion

    Three girls decided on a lark make a potion to find their one true love. It somehow backfire, but in a good way or bad way?
  • Naruto's Elemental Angels

    After being left from the Bell's Test Naruto loses all hope. But fate, or should I say god has other plans for the blond. Five girls are selected to give Naruto the love and hope he needs and together. Naruto/multi girls one. Changed rating to M for future language and other stuff.
  • The Conspiracy

    Natsu gets back from a mission only for Lisanna wanting to see him. But when he gets there Lucy is also there. What is going on?
  • That Time of Year

    Lucy awake to find Happy and he's worried about Natsu. So Lucy goes to find out what's wrong with the Dragon Slayer only to get involved. One-shot. Reposted with some corrections. Nothing too big, just minor ones.
  • A Strauss Solution

    Lisanna is upset that her sister Mirajane has snagged Natsu, but when Mirajane finds out about she comes up with a plan that could be good for the two of them.
  • Honor Among Thieves

    This is a random story I wrote and doesn't really have a place anywhere else. Naruto is a thief and gets caught, but there's some twists. Rated M to be safe and for language and innuendo.