• Hope and Healing

    'Colors vary, hues may shine. As lavender sings, "Please be mine."' The world is often hard and unkind to young teenagers and the Wizarding World is no exception. Between violent animosity from his relatives and keeping his home life a secret while living at the wonder that is Hogwarts, Harry wants nothing more than to live a normal life. Free of the dark, wizard or otherwise.

  • Blind Date

    It was challenging to find yourself after the war ended. Some people picked up work, some started new hobbies. One such hobby included setting up the hero of the wizarding world on blind dates. Tonks may not be ready to reenter the dating world, but she's more than happy thrusting Harry into it with a grin on her face. Made as part of the first Flowerpot discord server collection.

  • Hope and Healing

    Harry has a long and difficult path to overcoming not only Lord Voldemort, but also his trauma from his treatment at the hands of the Dursleys. AU with the story starting at 4th year. Harry/Fleur later on. This story deals seriously with abuse, which can be difficult for some readers. It has been rated accordingly.

  • Autumnal Flight

    As the fall fades into winter and the air turns crisp and frigid, only a lunatic would seek to soar through the sky with his Veela girlfriend. All the same, the cool air and vibrant trees call to him to take flight with his heart. Hope and Healing adjacent. Essentially the Harry and Fleur from that story, but outside that timeline.

  • Teleology

    The bloody war has ended at Harry's sixth-year. Though hailed a hero, he's ready for one last year at Hogwarts. One year of a normal life before becoming an Auror. While there, a simple agreement manages to challenge his identity as a hero, while still providing the normalcy he craves. Haphne AU. Post-War 7th year.

  • The long game

    It's not enough to ask, it's also about how you ask. Quick Haphne Oneshot to get some fluff out of my system.