• The Art of the Wize

    Still in progress and estimated as of Sept 2016 approx. 3/5 of the way through. Cecilia Frobisher is living a new life having change the past. As such a better understanding between wizards and muggles has arisen. No Harry being attacked as a baby. No Death Eaters or Lord V so AU, just to spell it out. Enjoy! Sept 2017 Having been very ill couldn't update, but next chapter on way!
  • Science and Magic

    Cecilia Frobisher is a muggle who has been employed by Dumbledore to work on a potion for Harry to defeat Voldemort. What happens when she is forced to work with Snape? There is a completed sequel to this fic and also I'm halfway through the last story as of Sept 2016. And, because they so rarely happen these days, I do appreciate it when I get reviews - thank you in advance :)
  • Magic and Science

    COMPLETE. Cecilia Frobisher continues her adventures in the wizard world with the Science and Magic Sequel. Opinions are valued, thanks for R&Ring! Sept 2016 The final sequel is under way: The Art of the Wize - I do really appreciate all reviews especially because of how long my stories are that you've taken the trouble to read them.