• The Treasured Goblet of Fire

    Cassie and her friends are back for their fourth year. Only Cassie knows how this school year will end… And she is powerless to stop it. Warning: Cassie is starting to swear more and we are going to tap into sexual things!
  • The Treasured Prisoner of Azkaban

    Cassie is back for her third year of danger and adventure. However, the truth has been let out. Her best friends have found out who her father is, her memory has come back, and she can't seem to get her life back together. Will her friends stay and help? Warning: Language
  • The Treasured Chamber of Secrets

    Cassie is back for her second year at Hogwarts! Harry is safe, Ron is always by his side, and Hermione is buried in her books... When she's not obsessing over the new DADA professor. However, danger is lurking the corridors of Hogwarts again. Will Cassie get to Ginny in time? *Second in the Treasured Series*
  • The Treasured Philosopher's Stone

    I never got to meet my mother, I don't even know if I have a proper family. It doesn't bother me really. I have Charlotte. That changed the day I got my letter though, now I have to find out... Does my father know I exist? *First of the Treasured Series*
  • Paper Towel Rolls

    My brother, Matthew. My sister, Jayden. And me, Ali. We're not pranksters, like the Weasley twins. But when we come up with crazy ideas, we just can't resist the opportunity! Warning: Language.