Coffee Reveries

  • The Nightcap

    Harry and Hermione, lifelong friends and a duo of wizarding detectives find themselves sharing a nightcap after closing yet another case, but this time, however, it seems they are finally on the same page when it comes to their mutual feelings and desires.
  • Healing & Other shorts

    A collection of snippets and one-shots depicting the friendship and blossoming romance of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger after the war and subsequent death of their best friend Ron. Prepare for a mix of angst, romance, and fluff.
  • Happy

    EWE! AU. Rose reflects on the change the arrival of a certain raven-haired wizard and his baby daughter have caused in hers and her mummy's lives. A short and fluffy Harmony piece because I couldn't sleep. Enjoy!
  • A Most Perfect Morning

    A small fluff piece prompted by the Harmony & Co. Lyric Llama challenge, loosely based on a song verse. Harry and Hermione spend a morning together and just one kiss is capable of changing everything. EWE!
  • After the Storm

    Alternate Universe (partially DH compliant). Recently widowed, Harry Potter and his three children move into his best friend Hermione Granger's house by the ocean for the summer, a welcome distraction after months of grieving, following Ginny's death. Read along as Harry and his kids begin to move on after their painful loss and the dawn of new life begins, after the storm. H/Hr!
  • The Cottage

    Harry Potter has made the biggest mistake in letting her go, and now he must deal with the dire consequences of his choice. Warning: Contains Affair!
  • Have yourself a merry little Christmas

    AU. A recently divorced Hermione Granger navigates heartbreak, pain, and regret as she moves back into her parents' old flat in Paddington, London with her young daughter. Amid all of her problems and drama is her best friend Harry Potter, who's looking as handsome as ever and reawakening old feelings in her, long thought to be buried. This could just be her craziest Christmas yet!
  • Christmas in Rome

    In her mid-thirties and content just living with her lazy dog, decade long hotelier and Rome-dweller, Elena Gilbert receives a surprising letter from an old friend and may just have to step up her game, shave her legs and do her hair this Christmas around. All human. ON HIATUS.