TheLoneRebels 2.0

  • Starkers

    Thanks to Nagini's complicated venom, Severus has been in a coma for years. When he finally wakes up, an angel greets him. One shot for now, but I could be persuaded to continue this if there is enough interest. Sevmione. Romantic fluff.
  • A Comparable Status: Part 2 of the 'Comparable' series

    Draco's been given an ultimatum by his father and he doesn't like it one bit. In an effort to bypass said ultimatum, he sets his sights on Ginny Weasley. Not for fans of Harry. Possible background Sevmione. Angst, fluff, and lemons.
  • It All Comes Back To Snape

    An A.U. where Hermione goes back in time to try and prevent the disastrous events of the Battle of Hogwarts. But she goes further than planned and ends up in a time before she was even born. Unable to go back forward, she's resigned to her fate and with the help of an enamoured teenage Snape, comes up with a plan to end it all before the events of the future can even occur. Lemons.
  • A Comparable Nose

    Severus overhears a VERY fascinating conversation between two of his students, which starts the ball rolling on an afternoon of carnal delight and the start of a long-term relationship that he had only ever dreamed of coming to pass. A story inspired by 'Size Matters' by Laurielove.
  • It All Comes Back To Snape: Book 2

    Hermione has gone back in time to stop the second rise of Voldemort, but she ended up years further than she intended. Severus has just become a Death Eater even though he knows his new Lord is anything but a good person, because it was expected due to his hushed family connection to the Malfoys. But everything changes when a girl with a mission literally falls into his arms.
  • After the Veil (T version)

    An epilogue for a fan fic called 'The Veil' by mak5258. This is a short and sweet, fluffy and romantic Hermione/Severus story.
  • After the Veil

    An epilogue for a story called 'The Veil' by mak5258. A simple and sweet moment between Hermione and Severus many years in the future.