• Lessons learned

    After Teddy gets in trouble in school, Andromeda has to teach him how to deal with his emotions. Warnings: Physical violence, bullying
  • Like father, like son

    Rose and Scorpius are going on their first day in Hogsmeade, but first they have to deal with a very protective little brother.
  • Rainbow Week

    The Marauders lost a bet to Lily Evans and now they have to do whatever she wants them to.
  • Quidditch Legacy

    James Sirius grew up watching Quidditch and he's dying to find out what is the perfect Quidditch position for him. It's up to Harry and Ginny to help him now.
  • Remember Me For Centuries

    This is a collection of Marauders Era short stories based on Fall Out Boy songs. Watch out for the warnings at the beginning of each fic.
  • I wanted it to be you

    Lily doesn't want to go to Hogwarts' Masquerade Ball. She doesn't feel like celebrating anything. That is, until a mysterious blond man spends the whole night with her.
  • We'll be Outlaws

    Marlene McKinnon lives in a farm with her uncles who want to marry her off. She decides to run away and be her own person. That's when she find Sirius Black, and her whole world turns upside down. Western!AU
  • Not mad, just disappointed

    Walburga needed to teach Sirius how to be better behaved. Yelling wouldn't do her any good, but she knew how to break him. Warning: Physical abuse and Walburga being a terrible human being in general.
  • Scavenger Hunt

    Fleur and Charlie have grown very close over the years and she decided to ask him for help with a map that seems to be right within his area of expertise. FleurCharlie Bromance
  • Human Help

    Newt Scamander is tired of working at the Ministry and decides to go on an adventure to find new creatures. His first stop? North America, home of the Thunderbird. But that's not where he's going to find it.
  • Regrets

    Rita Skeeter was trapped in a jar. And she was NOT happy about it.
  • Crying and Crying

    Victoire won't stop crying for a reason Fleur doesn't understand. And to make matters worse, Molly Weasley is abou to arrive at any second.
  • Get Me (7 Nights)

    Draco Malfoy is vacationing in Italy when his nightmares don't let him sleep. It turns out that he not the only Hogwarts former student with sleeping problems in that hotel. Over the course of 7 nights, everything will change for Draco and Astoria. It can be read as part of the 'Astoria as a Person' series, but there will be some house discrepancies. Warnings: Guilt and alcohol
  • Not So Bad

    After an evening of detention with the Carrows, Astoria is having dinner in the kitchens when Hannah and Neville show up with a request. - Companion piece to The Tipping Point, but also serves as a standalone - Part of the 'Astoria as a Person' series. WARNING: Brief mention of torture
  • Some Time Off

    Luna, Rolf and the twins go on a little vacation to the beach, where she learns a thing or two about the boys and her husband.
  • Butterbeers and Dragons

    His mum and sister don't like his fiancée, his brothers are not the best to her either, but there's one sibling that hasn't met Fleur yet, and Bill can't wait for Charlie to meet her.
  • What The Future Holds

    Dean, Neville and Hannah get invited to spend Halloween in the Finnigan household. Dean wants to impress his boyfriend's family and takes on the task of preparing the main course of the night.
  • More to Life

    Rose hasn't been eating, sleeping or drinking because she wants to be just like her mom, so Hermione gets called to Hogwarts to solve the problem.
  • The Tipping Point

    Astoria Greengrass can't stand classes with the Carrow twins. She usually keeps to herself whenever she can, but not when the well-being of an eleven-year-old is on the line. WARNING: Mentions of torture
  • As Mundane as Possible

    Sirius never thought about what awaited him in the afterlife, but even he could not have imagined how normal it would all be.