• Stuck By Law

    A Marriage Law leads Severus to have to search for a Mrs. Snape... Severus's POV and Hermiones POV. Rated for later chapters.
  • Temptation

    Thirty-six year old Hermione Granger has always taken care of other people but in recent years no one has been taking care of her. But a certain seventeen year old has taken a liking to her and intends to make sure she knows it. TL/HG
  • A New Timeline

    The war was not in their favor and when the Order is completely gone to save her, McGonagall thrusts Hermione in to the past so she can live. Hermione wakes up in a new life as someones sister! Rated for later chapters. Remus Lupin/Hermione Granger love story. Angst, Fantasy.
  • Insanity Check!

    Hermione is finishing her apprenticeship at Saint Mungos and is sent to the Mental Ward to work. Her personal patient is non-other than an abusive Snape, but is he as insane as they claim? And what happens when she discovers abuse and betrayal of a Healers oath? Rated for later Chapters.