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  • A Snake In Lions Clothing - Lemons

    Lemons of my story, A Snake In Lions Clothing
  • A Snake In Lions Clothing - Background Information

    Just some extra backround - basically some of my 'notes' for the story. Everything that makes up ASILC is either made up myself, taken from canon books. There is some fanon; but my most-used source due to it being very fast in finding HP knowledge is harrypotter. fandom .com
  • A Snake In Lions Clothing

    A Hagrid 'self-insert' beginning the day Harry is introduced to the Wizarding world. Chapter 1 is a short introduction, story begins Chapter 2.
  • A Celtic Wizard

    Tobias (Toby) Wren, born May 16th 1974 is an orphan of Voldemort's first war growing up in Magical Ireland. He's 10 years old and about to begin his schooling at the hidden magical school of Paelmore in the mountains outside the mundane capital of Dublin. All JKR characters are her own.