Miranda Switch

  • Of Love and Harmony

    A collection of Harmony drabbles in varying genres and set in varying eras. Mostly inspired a prompt masterlist on Tumblr. Updated sporadically.
  • Sunset

    The war is over. Harry has done what he was meant to do all his life; now he can't figure what to do with his life next. For Round 9 of the QLFC
  • Of A Feather

    Harry Potter's one of the best students at Hogwarts. Until Hermione Granger arrives, and he gets a taste of what competition feels like. No-Voldemort!AU. Jily lives.
  • The Magizoologist's Daughter

    In which a young Rowan Granger-Potter makes a new friend. In the 'Favourite Time of Year' universe. For the Quidditch League Fanfiction Competition, Round 7
  • Favourite Time of Year

    Harry and Hermione go back to Godric's Hollow, but things are different this time. For the Quidditch League Fanfiction Competition, Round Six
  • i can't (forgive myself)

    He just wanted to protect his family. For Round Five of the QLFC. Title inspired by Revere.
  • Drabble Trove

    Collection of drabbles written for The Houses Competition
  • A Paraphernalia of Stories

    A collection of my one-shots which have nowhere else to go.
  • Family Fables

    Series of one-shots featuring Harry, Hermione and their little family. Will be updated as and when I am inspired.
  • Say It With Flowers

    Ginny, Ron, Fred and George and their father go on a quest to make Molly's Mother's Day a success. For the QLFC Round Four
  • Happily Ever After

    "We'll meet again, Hermione." A H/Hr fanfiction. Picks up just after the War, and continues through Harry and Hermione's life as friends-turned-lovers and beyond... (Ignores Fred's death. Ginny/Harry or Ron/Hermione never existed)
  • An Advanced Study of Ancient Runes

    It all started with that book, really. Ravenclaw!Hermione. No Voldemort AU. For the QLFC Round 3
  • Nightmare

    Hermione wakes up from a nightmare. As always, Harry's there to comfort her.
  • A Friend of Foes

    To serve or not to serve, that is the question.
  • The Fear Within

    Andromeda agrees that her daughter is not made to sit at home, away from all the action. She lets her go and tries to think about better times. But there is always the fear within.
  • Amends

    "Bad things happen to wizards who meddle with time." Can Luna succeed in her attempt to make some amends to her past?
  • Honour

    What is the definition of honour for eleven-year-old Regulus Black? For QLFC season 8 round one
  • The Snitches Collection

    A collection of my entries for the Quidditch League Fanfiction Competition: Season Eight
  • Without This

    At a Ministry ball, Hermione and Harry's belief that they could get over each other is proven wrong. Post-Hogwarts. One-shot.
  • Dandelion

    Petunia doesn't really hate her sister. It's like the dandelion seed, it'll go away. One-shot. Written for the QLFC Practice Round.