• The Blind Date

    Harry is in love with Hermione. His love for her is the reason why each one of his dates fail, and why he becomes upset when she shows interest in other men. Obviously, she does not feel the same for him - or so he thinks. What happens when Hermione decides to set Harry up on a blind date with a girl she knows is in love with him? A Harmony two-shot. Epilogue non-compliant.
  • Happily Ever After

    "We'll meet again, Hermione." A H/Hr fanfiction. Picks up just after the War, and continues through Harry and Hermione's life as friends-turned-lovers and beyond... (Ignores Fred's death. Ginny/Harry or Ron/Hermione never existed)
  • Downright Gorgeous

    It's Ron's twenty-first birthday party. All Harry can think about is that Hermione looks downright gorgeous. Will he be able to confess his feelings to her before the night ends? HHr One-Shot.