Lady Phoenix AL

  • For the greater good

    Kind of a sequel to To the grave it involves Harry's generation.
  • Portrait of heroes

    They are now known as heroes as those who opposed the darkness and didn't give up even when the odds were against them but it wasn't always like that. For many years they were just other names in a long list of people that died because of Voldemort and/or his Death Eaters nothing more nothing less.
  • Muggleborn

    Dudley Dursleys daughter is a witch sees her life as she discovers the magical world and the cousins she never knew. Relationship between the males and mention of mpreg.
  • To the grave

    Things Harry Potter characters would take to their grave.
  • Black daughters

    It's sometimes said that if you try and exert your own opinions on your children, they'll end up either obeying you or deliberately rebelling against you. In the case of Cygnus and Druella Black, their three daughters ran the gamut: one obeyed, one rebelled and one ended up somewhere in between. Each of the three women's lives ended up being defined by love: even if sometimes that.
  • Time travel adventure

    The next generation time travels to Harry's fifth year. What will they tell those from the past and what will be left unsaid. How will they return to the future and will they ever be the same after meeting the people they have heard so much about. THIS IS THE SAME STORY I JUST HAD TO POST IT AGAIN BECAUSE OF SOME TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES.
  • Jeddy One True Pairing

    25 facts about the relationship between James Sirius Potter and Teddy Lupin.
  • Young, Crazy or Unhappy

    A member of the Black family always died in one of three ways. It was given and a well-known fact even if the members themselves never admitted and always said it was a lie. They had everything talent, beauty, and extraordinary skills all of them and knew how to use each and every one of them extremely well even though It was for their own good. Young, Crazy or Unhappy
  • His other side

    Teddy Lupin was the perfect person collected, nice, friendly, polite, smart and all that good stuff that was the way everyone knew him even his own wife and it not like it wasn't true it was but there was a side of Teddy that no one except two specific people knew his godfather Harry and Harry's oldest son James Sirius knew about. There was a side of him that even Harry didn't know
  • The prime minister meets the boy who lived

    Sequel to The Prime Minister meets the werewolf. This time he meets a certain boy-who-lived
  • Time traveling adventure

    The next generation time travels to Harry's fifth year. What secrets of the past are going to be revealed and how much will be able to be kept hidden? Who will go to get them and who is to blame for what happened? This story will have a sequel and a few one-shots
  • Letters

    Minerva McGonagall owns a box that contains her most valuable possession. This position happened to be letters but from who.
  • Screams

    many ones of a man and a woman and the crazy laughter of Death Eaters. These are the things one Neville Longbottom hears every time a Dementor is near him.
  • Did you hear?

    Five things about his son Orion Balck heard from someone else and five things he never heard. One-shot
  • The meaning of sacrifice

    The knew the meaning of sacrifice all of them did
  • The wand chooses the wizard

    It's James Sirius Potter turn to get his wand. What would his wand be? Would it be easier than His father's choosing or not? The one shot is part of TTA universe sort of a sequel to Muggle relatives but can be read as a stand-alone story.
  • Muggle relatives

    Dudley askes Harry for a favor does he accepts and how does their first meeting in twelve years. This one-shot is from the same universe as my story Time travel adventure but can be a stand-alone story
  • Meeting old friends

    A year after the war Dean and his parents go to meet an old friend of his stepfather their son is a person from Harry's past.
  • Minnie

    During her life, she had many names some of which were given to her by others, some she worked to get and others she didn't deserve to get but she anyway but one and only one is her favorite. One shot. Please review.
  • Fred was always first

    Fred was always first. The first to walk, talk, fall in and out of love I always followed his lead but there was only something they had to do together and he still did it first. Please Review.