• You, Me, and The Thing in Between

    Fred Weasley hasn't been able to keep a toe in line since he was six months old. Sure he's now officially a war hero... But he's also a twenty-year-old guy, with an empire to run, and girls to chase. So what happens when a single bad decision, made in the heat of the moment, comes back to bite him in the arse?
  • Evenly Matched

    A new law in Wizarding Britain is making waves. Sure, the Wizengamot are traditionalist farts, invested in ruining everyone's lives. But... Is it possible, for once, that they might do more good than harm? Buckle up, y'all. It's gonna be one hell of a rollercoaster ride.
  • Without Warning

    In October 1996, Katie Bell faced a near-death experience that ostensibly changes the rest of her life. Five years post-war, she's handling everything the best way she knows how: not very well. What's the one thing she's not expecting to find as a Healer on the Welsh Dragon Reserve? Not love, that's for sure. (M rating is only precautionary for language.)