• Dragon in the Dark

    The battle is won, Voldemort is dead, but the war is far from over. In the new Death Eater regime, Draco Malfoy does what he must to survive and keep his mother safe. Now a highly trained assassin, Draco has learned to think of his targets as inhuman beings, but when he is tasked with killing someone from his past, he can no longer hide from the horrors of the world around him.
  • Bad Books and Second Looks

    Hermione has not been lucky in love. When a break-up forces her to find a new flat, she thinks she's hit the jackpot. Until she realises that she might just be falling for her new flatmate's boyfriend. Perhaps when Ginny lends her some of her steamy romance novels, her luck will change.
  • Make Your Move

    When a locked door traps Ginny with her longtime crush, will another door open?
  • Unveiled

    On the eve of her wedding to Ron, Hermione learns exactly what he wants in a wife, and it's more than she can bear. Running from him and everyone she loves, she finds herself turning to an old flame and wondering why they hadn't worked out. Based on the Hebrew myth of Lilith and Samael for TheMourningMadam's Where Gods Dwell Fest.
  • The Birthday She Wanted

    Going out and drinking in a crowded pub wasn't exactly what Hermione had in mind for her birthday. When the night goes south quickly, who better to step in and turn it around than her co-worker and crush? Written in honor of our favorite bookworm's birthday.
  • The Stallion in the Forest

    After falling asleep while reading in the forest, Hermione gets lost after dark and stumbles upon a curious man living alone in a hut deep in the woods. But nothing is as it seems in this forest. She will soon discover that the man, the hut, and his beautiful stallion hold more secrets than she ever thought imaginable.
  • Resistance

    "Help me, Granger. Please" "We've got to get back to the castle. What about Harry and Ron? " "It's too dangerous. From now on they're on their own, just like us." Hermione saves Draco from the Death Eaters after he fails to kill Dumbledore. Now they're both in danger and must run, leaving their homes, friends and families behind.