• Memory's Pale Reflection

    After an incident wipes 17 years of Severus' memories he must attempt to recover them with Harry's help. Through viewing a series of his apparent husband's pensieve memories he learns how they came to be a couple and tries to adjust to the life he is now living.
  • One Man's Treason

    PREQUEL TO LONG SHADOWS. Beaten, nearly to death, by his father, Draco returns to Hogwarts for sanctuary. Once there, he has decisions to make about his allegiances and about where his loyalties now lie. With a hard road ahead, he finds friendship in an unlikely source and something deeper than friendship in an unexpected housemate.
  • A Christmas Revelation

    Harry makes a startling discovery at Christmas time.
  • Learning to Heal

    After quite literally running into one another at the Ministry, Draco offers to take Harry out to dinner as an apology. After an awkward start, things progress and the two men negotiate what some might call a relationship. Based upon a Tumblr RP thread.
  • Long Shadows

    On the anniversary of Voldemort's fall Severus seduces Harry into a night together. Not long after he leaves the country, deciding to embrace his newfound freedom. Years later, he returns to England and finds that he left behind more than he could have imagined. Now, with mistakes to atone for, Severus must try and earn a place in Harry's life and prove himself worthy of it.
  • Better Things to Do

    Ron has better things to do than make sure he and Harry get to Sunday lunch on time. PWP.
  • Absolution

    On the evening before they go into battle, Harry wrestles with his fears and turns to Severus for comfort.
  • Dumbledore Continues to Meddle

    Kingsley is fed up with his two top aurors being completely unable to work together and so calls on Dumbledore to help. Can the man's unique brand of conflict resolution help solve Ron and Draco's antagonism towards one another? Semi-sequel to The Perils of Misunderstanding.
  • The Perils of Misunderstanding

    Harry and Severus are both teaching at Hogwarts, and Dumbledore finally has enough of their constant war of antagonism and its effect on the Hogwarts staff. He decides to take drastic action to get them to confront exactly what it is that's going on between them.
  • Speaking the Same Language

    A light-hearted little ficlet about Harry returning to teach at Hogwarts and Severus realising that the former Boy Who Lived has turned into a very appealing man.
  • The Host with the Most

    Harry decides that he and Ron need to hold a dinner party...things don't quite go to plan.
  • Friends with Benefits

    Harry and Ron are going through something of a dry spell in their love lives, so decide to help each other out as friends. Will the arrangement work, or will it end up being something more?
  • Better Than Marking Essays

    Harry serves detention...with a twist.
  • Just Sex

    Remus and Draco have a long-standing arrangement that revolves solely around sex. Is it an arrangement that can endure, or is it bound to become something more, despite the damaged souls of the two men involved?
  • An Unusual Pair

    A series of events depicting Ron and Severus' relationship and how they came to be a couple.
  • Oneshots from A Brave New World

    This will be where I post all the oneshot stories that I write in the universe of my fic A Brave New World. The stories will depict Harry and Severus' life after the events in the final battle and show how they get on living as a married couple and as parents to their two sons.
  • A Selection of Slash One-Shots

    As the title suggests, this will be a place for posting various slash one-shots. The ratings will vary, and the genres will be across romance, drama, humour, angst and fluff. Pairings will include HP/SS, SS/RW, RW/DM, DM/RL, RL/SB and HP/RW.
  • Wild With All Regrets

    2 years after the final battle, Severus languishes in Azkaban with little hope of gaining his freedom. The Ministry finally relents to holding a long-overdue trial on one condition only - that Severus is released to Harry's custody during the interim parole. Severus and the wizarding world have changed in the intervening years, and Severus must reconcile himself to both.
  • The Public Affairs of Private Relationships

    With the growing feeling of hostility towards Slytherins after the war, Ron and Harry decide that marrying Draco and Severus might go some way to counteracting it. While Harry and Severus seem content simply to shag each other's brains out, Ron and Draco embark on something that might become more meaningful for them both.
  • A Brave New World

    When the Dursleys are killed, Harry is left without legal guardians and is left prey to an ancient law that would see him owned by those who wish him harm. For his protection, he marries Severus and his new life begins. Marriage fic format but with a plot