• Child of Death- Book 2

    A year after Voldemort was defeated, a breakout of an illness could signify the beginning of a threat they all hoped had gone forever. Can Fred, George and Bea stop it before the entire wizarding population is wiped out? All rights to the Queen that is JKR. Bianca is my only character.
  • The Child of Death

    This is the story of Bianca. She grows up with the Weasleys after being abandoned as a child, not knowing who her true parents are, but when she eventually finds out who her 'real' family is, her life takes a sudden turn for the worse. I own nothing, all creds to the goddess that is JKR. Rated T just in case slight AU ish.
  • Wishes

    So this is the follow up to Mischief Managed. It's Molly's second year at Hogwarts but what happens when she plays with magic and a wish gets out of control? Time is turned and life is suddenly different. (Rated T because I'm being v careful and don't know what will happen later on yet)
  • Mischief Managed

    The story of how Fred Weasley survived the Battle of Hogwarts and how he made his dramatic return to the wizarding world 20 years after he thought he'd left it forever. I don't own Harry Potter or any of his original friends and family or his world, total credit to J.K. Rowling