• CheezIts

    Nymphadora Tonks loves Cheez-It crackers, unfortunately for her so does Sirius Black. See what happens when he decides to steal her Cheez-Its
  • A Drinking Game at Grimmauld Place

    In Grimmauld Place two men decide to have a drinking contest, one of these men is Severus Snape, the other is Sirius Black. Let's sit back and watch the fun shall we?
  • Goblin Mage

    Mostly canon through the end of GoF and some canon through OotP. At the end of Harry's fifth year he finds out the power he knows not is with the Goblins! No Harry as Horcrux but there will be some clueless Dumbledore.
  • Redemption

    The war ended horribly even though Harry Potter survived he lost the very people he would need to grow to a strong healthy man. What happens when one man is allowed to go back and change things for the better?
  • The Secret Stone

    AU, with major DH spoilers, James and Lily went out on that fateful Halloween night leaving Lily's mother to stay with Harry. She dies and Harry survives while Voldemort is vanquished leaving James and Lily to raise their son…
  • Raven and Wolf

    Severus Snape survives the bite of Nagini and though an unexpected and unwanted set of events he ends up in a new world. However, will he learn to live a real life or continue to live the haunted half life he has for the past 16 years?
  • Adopting Harry: One eye and the Werewolf

    Remus Lupin takes Harry out of St. Mungos after the attack on Godrics Hallow. Alastor Moody finds the werewolf and sides with him in raising Harry. How will this work out? Read to find out.
  • Harry Potter and the New Professor

    Before Harry Potter's fifth year at Hogwarts is set to begin Dumbledore has a problem. He must find a defense teacher or the minister will do it for him. When he sets his eyes on an American Auror things are about to get very interesting…
  • Return of a Traitor

    I was a in dark mood and came up with this. This is how Voldemort deals with a certain traitor and it is not exactly how one would think it would go…
  • In The Potions Cupboard

    A simply funny insane fiction with Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter. Severus Snape hears something he really should not have…
  • Comfort in the Aftermath

    AU, Remus Lupin has committed his first murder ever, that of Fenrir Grayback, and instead of feeling vindicated he feels horrible. As he thinks on killing himself to rid the world of a monster one Severus Snape is there for him. No Slash!
  • All is Quiet at the Burrow

    All Remus Lupin wanted was a nice peaceful afternoon of reading by the fire with a box of chocolates and good wine, but when Sirius Black and Severus Snape began to argue yet again he takes matters into his own hands…
  • Argus Filch

    Argus Filch is not all he seems, what the students of Hogwarts see is a cranky old squib with no magic of his own. But Filch has a family that wants the truth to come out, so he is convinced by them to write it down and so we learn a bit more of our cran