• Hyacintho Magicae Lunae

    On his 17th Birthday, one minute Teddy Lupin is sitting in the garden with his Godfather, the next he's in the exact same spot with his parents - the parents that died 16 years earlier. When similar occurrences happen - Teddy seeks help from Harry and Hermione to understand how he's able to see, speak and hug his parents and learns more about the people they were along the way.
  • A Wonderfully Weasley Christmas

    Nymphadora Tonks is - as she does every year, spending Christmas with her friend Charlie's family. With him work away and a stranger - Professor Lupin staying at the Burrow, Tonks isn't sure whether this will be wonderful or just wonderfully awkward. Misunderstandings, miscommunications and near kisses set the scene for a holiday spectacular, Weasley style. Remadora. Tonks/Remus.
  • Seeking Pink

    Remus Lupin had long ago learnt that love was not something a dark creature gets to experience. When he realises an unlikely friendship with the Order's newest recruit could lead to something more - he wonders whether it's time for him to move on. Oneshot. COMPLETE. Based on J.K's comments on Pottermore about Remus. Rating for a few swear words.
  • Love letter Spells and Realists

    When Remus Lupin left to infiltrate the Werewolf underground, he left instructions with Andromeda to contact him if Tonks was in danger... Andromeda is left wondering what to do for the best - does she send word to Remus and risk exposing him or continue to watch her daughter to grieve for so many men, one of whom is very much alive... Three Part fic. Remus/Tonks
  • If Only

    If only Tonks and Remus had met in a pub like any other man and woman. If only their relationship had been uncomplicated. If only they'd been able to go on a dates. If only they weren't in the Order together. If only he wasn't a dark creature. If only...
  • Protection Detail

    As she can't actively be involved with the search for Black, Tonks is sent to co-ordinate the protection of Hogwarts and Harry Potter whilst Sirius is on the loose. Whilst there she befriends a charming but secretive new professor. Set during Prisoner of Azkaban possibly AU in later chapters. Rated T for language in later chapters. Remus/Tonks centred fic.
  • In the shadow of their sacrifice

    Two generations of Lupin men write in notes to their sons. Notes full of regrets, promises and love. Written for the QLFC Reserve League.
  • Everyone Deserves A Someone

    COMPLETE. With nothing better to do during the holidays at Grimmauld Place, Hermione and Ginny wonder whether their former Professor has a special someone - with no other ideas, they do the only thing they can and ask him. With a little help from Tonks, Remus answers their questions as honestly... as he can. Remus and Tonks fluff.
  • One of Those Days - COMPLETE

    Tonks has had a rough day, but her plan to relax and re-cooperate is foiled somewhat by Remus, Gilmore Girls and Chinese food. Maybe it would turn out to be One of THOSE days? Rated M for Language and Smooching. I've entered this story into a contest to read it - go here /stories/53677.
  • Side by Side

    What happens to Tonks and Remus straight after the battle of Hogwarts? AU - Meetings with old friends long gone and the overwhelming peace that they will always be side by side might just get them through. (More information inside) Rated M to be safe (Mild discussions about Death)
  • Just let me be Dora

    This is based on the information about Remus Lupin from Pottermore - well some of it. It is my take on the conversation after Tonks blurts out about him knowing who'd fallen for him if he wasn't busy feeling sorry for himself - it ignores the part where he pretends not to know what she is talking about ... unashamedly fluff like - sorry! One Shot - COMPLETE! Rated T to be safe.
  • Agony Aunt Sirius Black

    AU - Tonks is pregnant and ready to give birth any day, when Remus suddenly has a revelation... he's going to be a father! He goes to his old friend for some advice...
  • A Solitary Yellow Rose

    Remus and Tonks One Shot. A bit of fluff - Remus' heart, mind, body and soul team up to push him towards a new beginning.