• A Wonderfully Weasley Christmas

    Nymphadora Tonks is - as she does every year, spending Christmas with her friend Charlie's family. With him work away and a stranger - Professor Lupin staying at the Burrow, Tonks isn't sure whether this will be wonderful or just wonderfully awkward. Misunderstandings, miscommunications and near kisses set the scene for a holiday spectacular, Weasley style. Remadora. Tonks/Remus.
  • Protection Detail

    As she can't actively be involved with the search for Black, Tonks is sent to co-ordinate the protection of Hogwarts and Harry Potter whilst Sirius is on the loose. Whilst there she befriends a charming but secretive new professor. Set during Prisoner of Azkaban possibly AU in later chapters. Rated T for language in later chapters. Remus/Tonks centred fic.
  • In the shadow of their sacrifice

    Two generations of Lupin men write in notes to their sons. Notes full of regrets, promises and love. Written for the QLFC Reserve League.
  • Everyone Deserves A Someone

    COMPLETE. With nothing better to do during the holidays at Grimmauld Place, Hermione and Ginny wonder whether their former Professor has a special someone - with no other ideas, they do the only thing they can and ask him. With a little help from Tonks, Remus answers their questions as honestly... as he can. Remus and Tonks fluff.
  • One of Those Days - COMPLETE

    Tonks has had a rough day, but her plan to relax and re-cooperate is foiled somewhat by Remus, Gilmore Girls and Chinese food. Maybe it would turn out to be One of THOSE days? Rated M for Language and Smooching. I've entered this story into a contest to read it - go here /stories/53677.
  • Side by Side

    What happens to Tonks and Remus straight after the battle of Hogwarts? AU - Meetings with old friends long gone and the overwhelming peace that they will always be side by side might just get them through. (More information inside) Rated M to be safe (Mild discussions about Death)
  • Just let me be Dora

    This is based on the information about Remus Lupin from Pottermore - well some of it. It is my take on the conversation after Tonks blurts out about him knowing who'd fallen for him if he wasn't busy feeling sorry for himself - it ignores the part where he pretends not to know what she is talking about ... unashamedly fluff like - sorry! One Shot - COMPLETE! Rated T to be safe.
  • Agony Aunt Sirius Black

    AU - Tonks is pregnant and ready to give birth any day, when Remus suddenly has a revelation... he's going to be a father! He goes to his old friend for some advice...
  • A Solitary Yellow Rose

    Remus and Tonks One Shot. A bit of fluff - Remus' heart, mind, body and soul team up to push him towards a new beginning.