• You're Not Alone

    James can never let a friend suffer alone, Peter isn't one for prejudices, and Sirius has never cared for his reputation anyway. Or, a differenthouse!au where Remus' lycanthropy is discovered, and three people refuse to abandon him. For Grace
  • We Won't Fall

    A collection of drabbles. Feel free to send a prompt! Latest: Neville is born, and his parents couldn't be prouder. / Remus agrees to leave the last bit of family he has left, believing it would keep him safe. Years later, he realizes that all he did was condemn them both to a life of misery.
  • One More Chance

    After returning from Romania a few years after the war, Charlie is tasked with watching Bill's young daughters. He soon learns, however, that he might have bitten off more than he can chew.
  • Diamond in the Rough

    A collection of rare pairs. Latest: KingsleyBarty Jr
  • Starting to Learn

    Sirius is tasked with bringing Harry Potter to the Dark Lord, but Potter and Lupin give chase. In the end, Sirius just isn't sure which way to turn. High T for language and other warnings (in a/n). Wolfstar. DeathEater!Sirius, Soulmate!AU
  • What Comes Next

    Arthur and Molly's relationship began with a note passed in Potions—and became so much more than that.
  • A Single Step

    Helena can't help but feel trapped at Hogwarts. When Sir Cadogan comes to visit, she realizes that he just might be the opportunity she's been waiting for.
  • Trusting Desire

    The end of the world has come and gone, leaving Andromeda alone—that is, until someone from her past barges into her life and refuses to leave. Apocalypse!AU. AndromedaRod. Warnings for brief description of rough home life. For Angel
  • Is This Enough?

    After the war, Ron is caught between avoiding talking about what happened and needing to discuss it. The Weasleys can get through anything though—together. Warnings for language, character death, grief/mourning
  • Just a Push

    After the war, Ron decides that enough is enough and sets Percy up on a date. To his surprise, his date is a man Percy hadn't expected to ever see again—and maybe still had feelings for.
  • Proud and Free

    When Lily doesn't show up at King's Cross station, Petunia worries that the war her sister had mentioned has found her. She isn't a witch herself, but there's one man that she knows she can always turn to for help. Warnings for sexist character
  • The Last Time

    Right before the events of Halloween, Peter attends to Remus after the full moon. His friend is weak and tired, but still believes so blindly in the good of the Order—of their friends. But Peter knows the truth.
  • It Was Worth It

    Or five times James lost his cool during Lily's pregnancy, and one time he didn't. Warnings for language
  • Dinner and a Movie

    When Sirius wakes up to realize he's gotten the date of a very important occasion wrong, he scrambles to fix his mistake before it's too late. Wolfstar. AU where Voldemort never existed.
  • Extinguishing the Candle

    It's time to let Sirius go, but Remus finds that it's so much harder than it should be. Warnings for referenced canon character death, grieving, implied hard childhood, mentions of alcoholism
  • I Wish I Could Pretend

    Sirius struggles with moving on after Remus' death. Little does he know that the truth is far more sinister than he'd ever thought possible. Warnings for character death, murder, war angst, betrayal, language
  • The Darkness Wept

    When Sirius Black moves back into Grimmauld Place, his mother's portrait is quick to bring old insecurities to light. But Sirius is going to prove that he is different—and win back an old love in the process. Warnings for language, insecurity
  • This Is Our Time

    A collection of gift-fics (mostly from Hogwarts' Gift-Tag). Current: Lucius marvels at the wonders of his wife and baby one early morning. For Amanda / After an sudden storm hits, Hannah rushes into a nearby cafe, where she meets someone who immediately catches her interest. NevilleHannah coffeeshop!au For Amanda
  • To Start Again

    When Teddy's new stepfather's job transfers the Lupin family to a new area, he isn't thrilled about starting at a new school. That is, until he spotted Victoire Weasley.
  • All For You

    Petunia Dursley will never condone magic, but she is careful to never toe the lines the universe has drawn out. If magic is real, why shouldn't the superstitions she heard growing up be? She keeps her fears carefully hidden, though—no one, not even Vernon, could know.