• You're Worlds Away

    It's been eight months since the battle, and Ron feels like the world has moved on without him. RonHermione, Ron&Ginny
  • So This Is Love

    A collection of meet-cutes, with various pairings. First: When out for drinks with Tonks and a couple of her coworkers, Remus didn't expect to run into his ex. Luckily, Kingsley Shacklebolt isn't afraid to lend a hand. / Remus always bakes for his new neighbors. This time, he gets a little more than he bargained for.
  • Spread Your Wings

    A collection of Next-Gen drabbles. First: After reading Sirius' journal, James Sirius doubts whether he's ready to come out.
  • Never Say Never

    A collection of things I wouldn't normally write, but have for challenges. First: The war is long since over, but Remus and Severus are still figuring things out.
  • Diamond in the Rough

    A collection of rare pairs. Latest: KingsleyBarty Jr
  • Catch Me (Before I Fall)

    The war is over. Voldemort won. Peter and Regulus are as safe as they can be, and that should be enough... but it isn't. PeterRegulus. Voldemortwins!au. Warnings for imprisonment, language, and implied torture.
  • Lie With Me (Forget the World)

    Pansy could face her demons alone... but Percy will always be there to help her through them. PercyPansy. For Angel.
  • Reach Inside

    It's difficult to heal—but Draco isn't doing it alone. PercyDraco. Warnings for alcoholism. For Haley.
  • Time Stands Still

    At long last, Sirius is marrying Remus. Wolfstar fluff. Muggle!AU.
  • My World Has Started

    Remus is pleasantly surprised by his lover one morning. Rabastan, it turns out, is a man of man talents. RemusRabastan fluff... with a tiny bit of angst.
  • We'll Rise Again

    Draco and Harry are reluctant to take the first step in pursuing their soulmate bond. Ron and Pansy think they're being ridiculous, and give them the push they need. Soulmate!AU, HarryDraco. Warnings for language and a little angst (happy ending, though). For Crissie.
  • Close My Eyes (Take It In)

    A collection of drabbles that have nowhere else to go. First: Charlie is gone, and Draco is left to regret it.
  • Let's Start Fires

    When Percy agreed to help Charlie get his shop off the ground, he didn't expect Draco Malfoy to turn his world upside down. Muggle!au, tattoo artist!au. PercyDraco, with platonic Percy&Charlie
  • Light Behind Your Eyes

    A collection of PercyDraco drabbles. First: After a hard day, Percy is only too happy to spend the evening with his lover.
  • This Is Our Time

    A collection of gift-fics (mostly from Hogwarts' Gift-Tag). Current: Lucius marvels at the wonders of his wife and baby one early morning. For Amanda / After an sudden storm hits, Hannah rushes into a nearby cafe, where she meets someone who immediately catches her interest. NevilleHannah coffeeshop!au For Amanda
  • A Heart That's Been Loved

    Fifty shades of Remus Lupin—fifty different pairings. First: RemusJohn
  • I Don't Want to Miss a Thing

    Lily has never been insecure about her relationship with James, but when the baby comes unexpectedly, she finds herself pushing him away. Luckily for them both, James is too stubborn to let her go so easily. Warnings inside, JamesLily. For Gen.
  • There's Always Light

    A collection of Trio-era drabbles. First: Draco and Harry spend some quality time in a haunted house. Drarry fluff
  • Before the Dawning

    Hermione really didn't need a soulmate, but when the connection beckoned her, she followed. She didn't regret it. HermioneSeverus soulmate!au For Lyrrie.
  • Zenith

    A collection of First War drabbles. First: Lily and Remus share letters.