• All For You

    Petunia Dursley will never condone magic, but she is careful to never toe the lines the universe has drawn out. If magic is real, why shouldn't the superstitions she heard growing up be? She keeps her fears carefully hidden, though—no one, not even Vernon, could know.
  • Dancing in the Dark

    Lily Evans hates change. She feels like it only ever makes her life worse, and she is terrified that taking the next step in her relationship with James will prove to be a mistake. Luckily, James Potter isn't afraid to confront her about it.
  • A Happenstance

    While on a mission for the Order, James stops at a pub in Cokeworth and meets the most remarkable Muggle woman. Jily. Muggle!Lily
  • Vanishing Hopes

    Peter wanted more than anything to believe that his friends liked him for himself, but he wasn't the wonderful person they seemed to think he was. He had flaws—lots of them. Warnings for bullying and a referenced rough home life.
  • Everlasting

    The Weasleys are a tight bunch. When Oliver starts dating Percy, the pressure is on to prove himself to the family—but maybe it wasn't him they were worried about, after all.
  • We Won't Fall

    A collection of drabbles. Feel free to send a prompt! Latest: Neville is born, and his parents couldn't be prouder. / Remus agrees to leave the last bit of family he has left, believing it would keep him safe. Years later, he realizes that all he did was condemn them both to a life of misery.
  • Blossoming

    After a tale with her Uncle Harry, Rose realizes that she doesn't have to try so hard to live up to people's expectations of her—she is enough.
  • Lean on Me

    Molly will always be there for her family. But it takes many years for her to realize that, in return, they want to be there for her, too. Warnings for language, character death (not shown), mourning
  • A Shot in the Dark

    The last thing Remus expects is to find out that his soulmate is one of the aliens who have just come down to Earth. With political pressure pressing in on every side, he agrees to a marriage to placate the masses. He never thought he would grow to be so comfortable with the other man, though. Wolfstar soulmate!au alien!au
  • Time to Say Goodbye

    Generations ago, Sirius Black II watched his brother leave home. Now, Sirius realizes that he has to leave Regulus and the rest of his family behind to gain his freedom.
  • Our Favorite Disasters

    Sirius doesn't respond well to newcomers, but after a disastrous storm, he realizes that he needs to look past his pride to keep his home. Wolfstar farm!au
  • Up on the Rooftop

    While on guard duty for the Order, Tonks worries about her relationship with Remus. Luckily, Kingsley comes to give her some friendly advice, and tells her a tale of his own. Warnings for language, mentions of excessive drinking and a rough home life.
  • On the Outside

    Peter could never quite connect with his friends the way they could with each other. As the years go by, James, Sirius, and Remus fly further and further ahead of him, and he can never seem to catch up.
  • I Never Expected You

    Percy is used to the insults thrown his way and expected to handle Flint's the same way he did all the others. He hadn't expected Oliver to show up, though. Perciver Squib!AU
  • Out of Nowhere

    Alice Fortescue was doing just fine on her own with her adopted son, Neville. Their lives are perfect, but everything turns upside down when Neville's biological father comes to town. Singleparent!AU Muggle!AU FrankAlice Warnings for infertile characters.
  • Hold On

    Neville and Hannah's friendship has grown stronger over the years, but during the war, they take a new step. Warnings for general war angst, not in detail. NevilleHannah
  • Eternal Rest

    The cave was more cursed than he realized. Stuck between life and death, Regulus has no escape from his eternal prison. Warnings for canon character death, dark themes
  • Never Enough

    It isn't an ideal situation, but Eileen will go through anything to protect her son. One day, she hopes, she'll be able to save them both. Warning for canon abusive relationship
  • Monsters at Midnight

    After an attempt is made on Remus' life, Auror Tonks is assigned to his case. But it's Remus' memories that hold the real answer to the mystery. AU RemusTonks Warnings for language and mentions of murder/deaths and injury
  • Pride

    For the longest time, Sirius has kept a very big part of himself a secret from others. It's Remus Lupin—an openly bisexual artist who speaks freely about his own experiences regarding his sexuality—who keeps Sirius sane. Then one day, Sirius finds himself unable—and unwilling—to hide any longer. Muggle!AU, a little Wolfstar at the end. Warnings for homophobia and slight violence