Misti D

  • Discovering a Hidden Constellation

    Hermione knew she wasn't really a Granger. It was one of the first things she remembered learning. Her mother told her everything she knew about her biological father, especially how much he loved her, even before she was born. If he love her so much, why did he leave? And who was she, truly?
  • Guardian Angel

    It's eleven month after the final battle and the twins are having a massive birthday celebration! They have a birthday wish they hope comes true. And it all has to do with their very own Guardian Angel. One Shot.
  • In High Demand

    With the end of the war, Hermione thought the only thing she had to worry about was her last year at Hogwarts.That was, until the day they received the letters from the Ministry that informed them they had a year to fall in love..or leave.
  • Are You Going to Kiss Me or Not?

    Hermione and Harry have been best friends forever. What happens when they finally figure out...there might be something more? Yes, it is a song fic...3 shot.