Roose Bolton

  • The Softest Light

    Harry's Firebolt is confiscated. Scabbers is missing, and maybe dead. And out there still lurks notorious killer Sirius Black, wanting Harry dead. In the winter of her third year, Hermione Granger is alone, besieged by classwork, and afraid her best friends want nothing to do with her. Lost deep in the darkness, she grabs hold of any hope she can. One-Shot.
  • Ashen Wake

    Lily Potter arrives at Hogwarts in the footsteps of giants. Her father's fame. Her mother's fire. But in the peace that has followed since the final defeat of Lord Voldemort, a new danger has risen in the dark corners of a world. As Lily steps into the world of drama, adventure, learning, and love that is Hogwarts, a dire threat will test family, friendship, and all she holds dear.
  • To Ashes

    It is 19 years after Voldemort's fall. Hermione Granger enjoys the fruits of peace and motherhood, but her bright yet anxious daughter, Rose, struggles before the challenges of school, friendship, and even love that Hogwarts offers. But a far greater and more ancient danger than Voldemort lurks, ready to strike at the heart of a wizarding world unready for the horrors on the march.
  • A Spark At Midnight

    In the depths of his darkest hours, Draco Malfoy, Death Eater and thrall of Lord Voldemort, sees a glimpse of something more. One-shot.
  • To Wake In Dreams

    To eleven year-old Hermione Granger, one Halloween night with a troll opens the door to a light she never expected to see. One-shot.