• Umbridge's Bad Karma

    A series of one-shots where Dolores Umbridge gets her dues from a variety of girls (in the form of pranks) helping Harry out as punishment for her actions. What kind of pranks will 'the toad' be subject to? How humiliating will it be for her? Read on to find out more!
  • Playing With Fire!

    Harry is fed up with being treated like a hero one day and despised the next. Being forced to compete in the Triwizard Tournament became the final straw. Now Harry is done playing the saviour and plans to extract revenge against his enemies. How does Harry plan to accomplish his goal? Read on to find out. Rated T!
  • An Unlikely Date

    An AU sixth year where Harry asks Astoria Greengrass to Professor Slughorn's Christmas party.
  • Dursleys' Payback

    A series of one-shots where Harry has a variety of girls helping give the Dursleys their just desserts for their treatment towards Harry. What kind of pranks will they have to deal with? Read on to find out. Rated T.
  • Rita's Comeuppance

    A series of one-shots where a variety of girls help Harry prank Rita Skeeter in retaliation for slandering Harry in The Daily Prophet during the Triwizard Tournament. What kind of pranks will the beetle be facing? Read on to find out more. Rated T.
  • I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

    An AU story where a variety of girls offer to help Harry out after his clashes with Dolores Umbridge. What do they have in mind? How will Harry react to their plans? Read on to find out! Rated 'M.'
  • Harry Potter And The Hilarious Taboos

    Various one-shots of Harry and his friends encountering hilarious taboos when certain phrases are spoken.
  • Harry Potter And The Beauxbatons Acceptance

    Harry Potter was never treated like family by the Dursleys. He never believed that he would ever be free from their wrath, until a visit to Paris turned that around. Will Harry finally get a loving and caring family he deserves? Read on to find out. Rated 'M' just in case. As of January 2019, this story is in collaboration with 5UP3RN0V42015.
  • Harry Potter And The Celax Curse

    A mysterious curse has began striking Little Whinging, and now Harry and the Dursleys must deal with it bu looking for clues on it's origin. How will they put an end to it? Read on to find out. In collaboration with '5UP3RN0V4.'
  • Harry Potter And The Solution Of Immortality

    An AU first year story where Harry meets Susan at Madam Malkins Robe Shop instead of Draco. How will this affect plans Dumbledore set in motion for Harry? Will Harry get a loving and caring family for once? Read on to find out. Rated 'M' just in case. No copyright intended.
  • Unexpected Support

    An AU one-shot where Harry receives comfort (and a genuine friendship) from Fay Dunbar. Takes place in the afternoon before Harry's first ever quidditch match.
  • She Took My Breath Away!

    Harry never thought Daphne Greengrass would be his date for the Valentine's Day dance. He knows he made a good choice, but how will the rest of the school react? Read on to find out.
  • True Friends Come From Unexpected Places

    Harry has been forced into the Triwizard Tournament against his will. Most of the students have accused him of looking for more fame and glory. Even his best friends have betrayed him. While going to vent some frustration, he meets a Slytherin girl who doesn't support pureblood supremacy. What will happen between them, and will Harry extract revenge? Read the story to find out.
  • Returning The Favour

    An AU sixth year where Harry wasn't warned ahead of time about Romilda's plan. A Hufflepuff in Harry's year defends Harry's honour and gets to be Harry's date for Professor Slughorn's Christmas Party in return.
  • How It Feels To Be Treated As An Outcast

    An AU second year story where Harry meets Luna Lovegood shortly after the start of the Christmas Holidays. They realize how much they have in common, especially how they've dealt with being treated like outcasts. This allows them to befriend each other. What will become of Harry and Luna? Read the story to find out.
  • The Quest For A New Life

    An AU where Harry makes a female friend at St. Grogery's Primary School, who also comes from an abusive home. They end up having enough of their lives one day, so they plan to run away, never to return, and begin a quest for a better life. As of June 2018, this story is officially in collaboration with 5UP3RN0V42015. "Now complete!" Sequel to be announced.
  • Ropin' The Moment!

    Harry thought his bad luck would prevent him from having any fun, even with his requirement to find a date for the Yule Ball. But Sophie Roper, a fourth year girl comes to the rescue and persuades Harry into asking her to be his date, with the help of her own phrase called 'Ropin' The Moment.'
  • Dancing In The Moonlight

    A brief one-shot of an AU Yule Ball, where Harry crosses paths with Luna Lovegood. He decides to help make her night one of her best when he finds out that she had been stood up. No copyright intended!
  • Dueling For Harry

    A one-shot where Harry and Sophie are in love, but Ginny isn't happy about it. She calls up a duel with Sophie for Harry's heart. What will happen, will Sophie or Ginny be the winner? Read on to find out.
  • Harry Potter And His Hidden Power

    An AU story where Harry discovers magic earlier than in canon. When Harry gets to go with the Dursleys to London, Harry manages to make a couple friends. Harry also discovers what's been kept from him as long as he can remember.