• Patience is a Virtue

    Follow Lily, Hugo, and Louis as they attempt to make sense of life and love while also dealing with their families and heading back to Hogwarts for another year, and it promises to be an interesting one. A sequel/companion/spinoff of Show a Little Faith and Leap of Faith.
  • All Heart

    "Objectively, Ron knew there was a lot of himself in Hugo. But more than he could see himself, he could see Hermione." A heartwarming slice of life with the Granger-Weasley family.
  • Leap of Faith

    The lives of Rose, Scorpius, Al, and Erin continue as they leave Hogwarts and enter the real world, which turns out to be a lot more real than they were expecting. A sequel to Show a Little Faith.
  • Close Enough

    "And even though things weren't perfect, they were close enough." The waning hours of May 2, 1998.
  • Both

    "The last time this had happened, she'd been horrid all day. This time would be different. They deserved for it to be a special night. And she desperately didn't want to be the one to spoil it." A special night/slice of life for my favorite family of Weasleys.
  • Brave

    He knew he wanted everything with Hannah, so why had he run?
  • Tears of Joy

    Why does Hermione keep crying? And why can Ron not seem to find a way to fix it, no matter how much he wants to?
  • Say What You Mean To Say

    A few weeks after the battle of Hogwarts, and Hermione is growing restless, her frustrations mounting with a certain ginger. Will both of them finally be able to admit what they mean to each other?
  • Show a Little Faith

    That's what it all came down to; having faith. Living a relatively carefree life thanks to the many sacrifices of their parents, the generation of the Golden Age learn how to have faith in their world, each other, and themselves as they muddle their way through loss, love and life. Not to mention teenage hormones. (Eventually includes the whole Weasley/Potter brood and many OCs)
  • Butterflies and Fireworks

    "They weren't kids anymore. Somewhere along the way, they'd grown up and things had changed. The way she loved him had changed. And it had all happened so gradually that Victoire had nearly missed it." A story about how things changed between two best friends.
  • Snapshots of Faith

    Missing moments from my story Show a Little Faith. You'd need to read that to understand what's going on in these little snapshot. Enjoy!
  • Ella

    In which Ella Longbottom meddles in the lives of her friends, makes mistakes, learns some lessons, and might just find love in the process. A story extremely reminiscent of Jane Austen's Emma.
  • Remembering

    A conversation with his son causes Ron to get stuck in painful memories of the past. Thankfully, Hermione knows him well enough to realize exactly what he needs to get through it.
  • Falling For Others

    Outtakes from my ScoRose story, Falling For You. You won't understand these if you don't read that. So go read that :)
  • Falling For You?

    Rose owns her own business. Scorpius owns a rival one. They never liked each other, despite common interests and friends. Luckily, Rose has a confidant in the form of an anonymous pen pal who is all the things Scorpius isn't. Or maybe the two are more similar than she's been led to believe. Scorose with a You've Got Mail theme. Post-Hogwarts.
  • The Middle of the Night

    "Hermione willed herself not to panic. This wasn't the first time Ron hadn't returned home when he'd intended to, and he'd always been fine. Mungo's liked to do thorough checks whenever an Auror came in with even the slightest injury. He was probably fine." One shot companion piece to "Show a Little Faith" but can be read independently.
  • Fight or Flight

    James and Violet have been close all throughout their time at Hogwarts. Now that they're moving beyond the castle walls, what happens when Violet is ready to move past friendship but James is steadily oblivious? Will they eventually stop running from each other? Companion piece to Show a Little Faith (not necessary to read at this point but possibly in the future).