• This Day

    She pursed her lips, "ha bloody ha, I too have no date. But misery loves company, so we can get drunk together." "Granger, I think you may be drunk already." She waved him off as she drank more, "Potato, potahto. As long as I'm drunk, I hate this day."
  • On the Wings of a Dove

    Draco emerged form the war a changed man. Will his chance for a happily ever after be ripped from him? Written for the Once Upon a Time fest hosted by TheMourningMadam, and inspired by the fairy tale "The Gypsy Queen." EWE
  • Sky of Dragons

    King Thomas of Slytherin is demanding control over the kingdom of Gryffindor. Sir Draco is conflicted as he finds himself falling for the fierce Princess Hermione. Not to mention his hesitancy to fight against an army of dragons. A high fantasy AU, written for the In Another Life fest.
  • Just Get In, Malfoy!

    North of the sixty-fifth it is cold. Hermione takes pity on an unprepared Draco Malfoy. The snuggle is real, y'all! Bedsharing trope inspired by the Dramione FanFiction Forum (18 ) Facebook group.
  • Uncorked

    In vino veritas. The truth is all relative, but the fun is not. What salacious tales will be revealed in this series of one-shots? Who knows? Pour yourself a glass of wine and find out. EWE. Featuring multiple characters and pairings.
  • Oh Hell No!

    Family vacation at the beach—done and done; finding out your precious child is growing up before your eyes—Oh hell no! A drabble challenge from Dramione FanFiction Forum.
  • An Evening with Blaise

    A one shot shoot-off from Interns. Blaise finally gets his proper date with Avery. Can Blaise cook? What draws him to Avery? Is there something there or is it destined to be just a fling?
  • Interns

    Draco just wanted distance from England, but now he's back and in for some surprises. When he starts a law intership at the ministry the last thing he expects is the Gryffindor Princess and her most distracting foot wear. But Hermione is full of surprises. Join Draco, Hermione, Blaise, Theo, Harry and more in this lighthearted tale of friendship, romance and redemption. EWE
  • Cracks in the Wall

    Draco is plagued by a recurring dream. He's just trying to survive the Dark Lord's rule when he encounters Hermione Granger at her most vulnerable. But is she the only vulnerable one, or is Draco's mind hiding secrets unknown to even him? How will Hermione put cracks in the wall of the Pureblood Prince. One Shot, companion to Secret Life of Purebloods.
  • The Secret Life of Purebloods

    She may be a daughter of the ancient and most noble House of Black, but Narcissa Malfoy has a secret. She is fascinated by muggles. Join her and Draco as they take an adventure into muggle London where Draco makes friends with a small curly headed muggle girl. But little do they know, this muggle has a secret of her own.