• Fractured

    1995. The Dementor Attack set off a chain of events leading to Dudley losing his grip on reality.
  • Baby Dudley Adventures!

    Ten drabbles showing different events that occurred in the early life of Dudley Vernon Dursley, before Harry arrived.
  • Babysitting The Brat

    Vernon and Petunia are away on a work retreat, where no children are allowed. Harry is sent packing off to a summer camp and Dudley is stuck with his favourite neighbour, Mrs Figg.
  • Consequences

    Sequel to Homework. My version of Book One/Series One, Episodes 1-3. Mostly canon, but contains a few alterations/additions from my own mind. Official Harvey/Ingrid from Chapter 29 onwards. CHAPTERS 1-12 HAVE BEEN TWEAKED.
  • Prey

    A random story that is not connected to Homework or Consequences. WARNING: Includes a sinister Headmaster.
  • Freak Of A Cousin

    A short conversation between Dudley and his primary school teacher, reveals a harsh truth about the dynamics between Dudley and his younger cousin, Harry.
  • Cats On A Monday Morning

    Pre-Hogwarts. Dudley locates a new friend.

    For his sixteenth birthday, Dudley decides to treat himself and get a gift that his parents wouldn't want him getting.
  • Temptation

    Harry's home for Christmas holidays in fourth year and the three Dursleys, plus one Potter, decide to go out for a meal. Too bad, Dudley's on his diet.

    Set during fourth year. Dudley and Piers have a heart to heart conversation that ends up with Dudley demanding a favour from his friend.
  • Rotten To The Core

    Dudley's neglect of dental hygiene catches up to him, and Harry finds the whole thing amusing beyond belief.
  • Her Baby Boy

    Set during Order of The Phoenix. Regretting a decision she should have made fourteen years ago, Bellatrix sets out to make Neville HERS.
  • Unanswerable Questions

    Little Dudley Dursley has a burning question intended for his mother. Petunia is reluctant to answer.
  • Twisted Love

    Bellatrix/Neville. Neville goes through three stages, that change the way he views the woman who ruined his life.

    My version of Book Two/Series One, Episodes 4-6. Contains Harvey/Ingrid and is centred around them and how they became 'Masterminds.'
  • The Colour Theory

    Skull shares his theory with Bulk.
  • Bait

    (SLOW MOVING) Set during the summer before sixth year. One moment, Dudley Dursley is unproclaimed King of Privet Drive. The next, he's the helpless muggle under Bellatrix Lestrange's control. Rated T for violence and language. (Reworked Summary, May Change In The Future.)
  • Victimized

    In Bulk and Skull's eyes, they were always being victimized.
  • Homework

    Set Series One. Prequel to Consequences. Harvey is having trouble with his homework so turns to Dinah for help.
  • My Son

    First Fanfiction. One Shot. About Victor Criss. Constructive Criticism appreciated.